iMessage Not Saying ‘Delivered’? Here’s Why

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iMessage Not Saying 'Delivered'? Here's Why

One of the benefits of switching from traditional messaging to instant messaging such as iMessage is that you can say goodbye to uncertainty. If someone isn’t responding to you, you don’t need to think about whether it might be due to your message getting lost. They can’t lie with you regarding not receiving your messages, either.

iMessage will notify the user when a message has been delivered, and it also shows the date of delivery (if the recipient doesn’t have read receipts turned off). This means there’s no speculation involved. However this doesn’t mean there aren’t situations where you aren’t left in the dark. For instance, when your email doesn’t say “delivered”.

One has to ask what exactly it means. Are the issues at their end or yours? Perhaps, something unimaginable is happening and they’ve blocked your path. It’s not difficult to fall into this path, but knowing what you need to know could be beneficial. Let’s get started and discover what it mean exactly.

What does the absence of “Delivered” mean?

If iMessage does not show ‘Delivered in the message The issue is not yours. If the message doesn’t be sent from your end the message displays an “message failed to send” error instead.

This means that the problem is at their side. Most likely, the reason is that either the phone is not working because of a reason, or they aren’t connected to an active internet connection. When their device is set to DND, iMessage will still show “Delivered”.

Another reason why iMessage does not say “Delivered” is when your sender is blocked. People don’t typically wake up with the intention of blocking others. If there’s no reason to make them block you – there have been no disputes or fights in recent times – it’s likely that it’s not the latter. If you’re having doubts, head to this page and discover whether you’ve been blocked.

Another scenario is when iMessages aren’t being delivered. If the person you’re messaging shifts between one device, say an iPhone onto a different device for instance for example, an Android but doesn’t erase their Apple iMessage number from the iMessage servers.

If the problem is a phone that’s not working or no internet connection, messages will get sent when the phone is switched on or connects with the web. If they’ve removed you from their iPhone to Android, the message will not be delivered until several hours or even days. If this happens you can call them and you’ll find out what’s going on.