FIX: GIF Search and #Images Not Working in iMessage on iPhone

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FIX: GIF Search and #Images Not Working in iMessage on iPhone

Four ways to resolve GIF problems with search in iMessage

GIFs have revolutionized how we communicate. Being free of the limitations of space (to be exact not being within that same area) and effectively expressing ourselves through messages is made possible through GIFs. Naturally it’s difficult to find that GIF Search doesn’t work in iMessage. However, it’s only what it is somewhat annoying. Since this issue is completely repairable.

Re-Add #Images to iMessage

The most straightforward solution for when the GIF Search isn’t working is to add the #Images app to the iMessage applications. #Images is the inbuilt GIF application for iMessage that you can use for sending GIFs.

Start the Messages app and open any conversation. Scroll to the right of the iMessage app’s bar and click on the app drawer(the Additional option).

Click on the Editoption in the upper right edge of your screen.

Turn off your toggle to turn on #Images, and then switch it back on after a few minutes. If the app #Images is added to your favorites then you’ll need to uninstall it. Then, the toggle will show up on the application. Tap on the delete icon to the left side of the app and then click Removing from Favorites. Tap on Done. It could or might not be successful, but considering the simplicity of it, sure is worth trying.

Enable Cellular / Mobile Data for HashtagImages

If you are able to search for GIFs when using Wi-Fi but not using mobile data, you can fix it quickly.

Go to the Settings on your iPhone. Unlock Cellular Data( Mobile Data in certain regions).

Scroll down to see the list of applications that use mobile data. Locate the application HashtagImages and ensure that the data is available for it. If it’s off switch it on.

Visit iMessage and try using GIF to search once more. It will work using Mobile Data.

Reset All Settings on iPhone

If the first option isn’t working, or the option HashtagImages doesn’t appear to be accessible within the Mobile Data settings, there is no reason to lose the hope. You can change to the default settings of your iPhone. The reset will most likely fix the issue. It could also allow HashtagImages available within the Cellular Data settings.

To reset all settings To reset all settings, open your settings on your iPhone. Scroll down, and then select General.

Under General settings, scroll to the very close point and then tap Reset.

Settings for Reset will be available. Choose Reset All Settings.

It might seem extreme and you’ll have to restore all your iCloud and Wallet accounts, as well as My iPhone, My iPhone and Wi-Fi Settings afterward, but it will solve your issue.

Use Giphy GIF Search

If you feel that resetting All Settings is not worth it If you find that there is nothing working for you, it could be time to get off the ship. #Images may be the default GIF application for iMessage however it isn’t the only application available on the App Store to use this feature. You can choose to switch to another GIF application and spare yourself the hassle.

One of these apps is Giphy. It is among the most well-known sources of GIFs on the web and is accessible for the iMessage keyboard on the App Store. Visit the App Store within iMessage. Start any conversation that is active within the Messages app. Tap to open the App Store icon in within the App Bar.

Find Giphy on the App Store and download it. Giphy will be to you at a moment’s notice within your iMessage App Bar post installing.

It is possible to use the Giphy app’ within iMessage in the same manner as you did with #Images to search for GIFs. Start it by opening the iMessage app’s bar and then tap the search box within the Giphy interface to search for GIFs using a keyword.


If GIF search within iMessage isn’t working it’s not a reason to fret. There are a variety of options to solve the issue, and you’ll get back on track within a matter of minutes – making sure that your message is delivered in a perfectly timed GIF by using these easy solutions!