How to View Siri History on iPhone

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How to View Siri History on iPhone

Have you made an inquiry to Siri earlier, but you didn’t remember and want to go back? Luckily, Apple allows you to look back at the history of Siri. It is easy to see the most recent conversations you have had using Siri. However, you are not able to view your complete historical data or previous requests since Apple doesn’t save your information for reasons of privacy.

To see the details of your Siri history, you need first open Siri. To do this, we must first open the Siri screen. Press your home button, as well as press the power/side button (for those using iPhone X and above) to enable Siri for your iPhone. You can also use the phrase Hello Siri for activation of Siri in the event that your iPhone has this feature.

If Siri is still waiting for your message, swipe down on the Siri screen.

It will show your last conversation with Siri on the same day. That’s all you’ll get from Siri the past.

Apple does not save your Siri conversations to protect your privacy, therefore you can’t view older conversations from Siri history. Siri history.