How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

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How to Use Invisible Ink in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Secret messages can be sent using this amusing effects from Apple.

Are you ever tempted to play the role of an espionage agent sending secret messages? Although we won’t send messages hidden from view through catalysts such as lemon juice or heat in the near future, they’re not out of the question also.

iMessage provides a fun method to send secret messages for others iMessage users. It’s a fun method to play with your pals. However, if you want to convey a delicate message that people who aren’t looking “accidentally” see, it’s you who’s got it. The recipient will definitely know that something is wrong and will expose the message to the eyes of anyone who might be watching.

Sending messages using invisible ink is fairly simple however there’s a hundred percent chance that you missed it. It’s hidden with other awesome iMessage bubbles as well as full screen effects.

After you’ve written the message, or perhaps added a video or photo in the message box, press and hold the ‘Send Arrow.

The screen ‘Send with effect’ will be displayed. Tapp the dot next to the ‘Invisible ink’.

The send arrow will shift to the right and you’ll be able to see a preview of how the message will appear like using invisible ink. Press the button to send your message using invisible ink. To go back to your message, without the effect you need to tap the ‘x’ symbol.

The message will be displayed in the conversation at both ends, with a glittery animation, obscuring the real content.

To read messages written in transparent ink reader must swipe across the entire message to read the message. By tapping on a portion of it, one only shows the message in part. If you swipe up or down across the screen, i.e., the message disappears from view for a moment, it is then returned to its original state.

Be aware that the effect is only available on the other iMessage users. If you’re sending messages to non-Apple users, you are able to send your message to have the effect on your side. However, they will only get the message with an annotation that reads “Sent with invisible ink”.

Of course, this is merely a fun effect, and is not an absolute way to send messages secretly. Anyone could touch the text to see the contents. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid sending sensitive information you wish to keep private.