How to Use Icon Themer iCloud Shortcut to Make App Icons that Launch Directly in iOS 14

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How to Use Icon Themer iCloud Shortcut to Make App Icons that Launch Directly in iOS 14

Now you can boost your style with authentic customized app icons

The ability to customize the iPhone Home screen with custom widgets and icons for apps from the moment iOS 14 has dropped has become an increasingly popular trend. It’s for a reason too! Have you seen any of the beautiful designs that users have made? Everyone would like to join this train.

There’s a trick that is easy to use with the shortcuts application that allows you to change the icons of your apps to whatever you like. However, the trick has a one small caveat. The app icons that are new are just shortcuts to the original apps. And each time you launch an app it launches an app called Shortcuts first. Although it only takes an another second however, it could deter many users from using the trick.

However, thanks to an Icon Themer shortcut created by an Reddit user You can create customized icons that open the application (most applications, or at a minimum) directly. The shortcut makes use of Web clips to start applications. This is how you can use it.

Install the Icon Themer Shortcut

Users can share and create iOS shortcuts via iCloud to allow other users to make use of the shortcuts. Icon Themer can be one of these complicated shortcut that would have been difficult to develop for the non-advanced user. However it’s not necessary to design it, you just need the ability to install it.

Click the link below within Safari or another web browser you have using your iPhone to access the iCloud website and then click the ‘Get Shortcut’ link.

Get Icon themer

It will take users to Shortcuts application. If you’ve never tried external shortcuts previously, a message will be displayed on your screen that the shortcut can’t be used as a shortcut because your security settings won’t permit shortcuts that aren’t trusted.

To alter the settings to change the setting, launch the Settings app and select the section titled ‘Shortcuts’..

Turn on the toggle to allow untrusted shortcuts’.

An acknowledgement dialog will pop up. Tap on ‘Allow’. It will ask you for your iPhone password. Enter it to enable the setting.

Then, return to the URL in your browser and click the button ‘Get Shortcut. Then, it will open the Add Shortcut page’ in the Shortcuts application. You can look over the entire shortcut’s code on this page before deciding to add it to your list. For adding it to your list, simply scroll down to the end of the page and then tap the “Add Untrusted Shortcut” button.

The shortcut will be listed in the ‘My shortcuts’ section and is ready to executed.

How to use Icon Themer Shortcut Icon themer shortcut to create App Shortcuts using Custom Icons

After you have added the shortcut, you can use it to create an icon for the shortcut. You can create a custom icon for any app that you would like to. In contrast to the other method that you can use, this one doesn’t require you to create separate shortcuts for various apps. It’s enough to run the shortcut one-by-one for each application. It’s not able to build shortcuts in bulk however it could be in the near future, as the person who created the shortcut is working on.

Making Shortcuts for App Store applications

Start the Shortcuts application and then click on the My Shortcuts Tab’ from the menu bar.

Tap the shortcut ‘Icon Themer’ to launch it.

Choose ‘Search in App Store’ on the next step.

Input the title of the application you wish to find and then click on “Done”.

The results of your App Store will be displayed in the display. Select the app you want to download.

It will ask you to grant the permission for access to Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

The option to select an icon will be displayed. You can choose an icon that is default (which is obviously not what you need) You can also select a photo from iPhone Photos or Files. Select the option that shows in which the image you wish to use for the icon is located. To help us with this tutorial, let’s choose the option ‘Choose from Photos’.

Icon Themer would then ask for access to your photos. Click ‘OK’ to allow it access. If we had selected ‘Choose from Files’, then you don’t need to authorize access. The Photos will be open. Select the image you wish to use as an icon to choose it. Be aware the fact that Icon Themer doesn’t have the option of adjusting the thumbnail when selecting the icon, as you could with another method.

Enter the name you wish to show as the label beneath the icon. If you do not want anything to be displayed as the label, only enter one space, however, don’t leave it entirely empty to prevent the chance of mistakes. Click ‘Done’ to move on to your next stage.

It’ll then ask for permission to access ‘’. Click ‘OK’ when it will need to connect with the website to obtain the URL scheme list.

The URL scheme that it retrieves via GitHub is displayed in the following step. Tap on ‘Done’.

The website will redirect you to Safari, and a pop-up window will display informing you that the site attempts to download an account configuration. Tap on ‘Allow’.

It will download the profile. Then, open your Settings app. The option “Profile Downloaded” will appear towards the top of the settings. click it.

Profile Details will open. Click the Install option in the upper right corner. It will ask you for your iPhone’s passcode. enter it to finish the installation.

It could display a message that the profile isn’t authenticated. Click on Install and then continue.

The app that has the customized logo and label will be displayed in your home Screen. Click on the icon to launch it, and it will open immediately.

Making Shortcuts for System Apps using Icon Themer

Making shortcuts for system applications is different than App Store applications. There is no way to choose the application directly. This requires an additional manual approach. The working shortcuts for the system apps aren’t as easy as apps on the App Store. App Store applications. Some of them have the Shortcuts app is still running however, for others there is a blank screen prior to the application.

For creating a shortcut to an System application, open the shortcut, and then click on the ‘Custom Bundle ID’.

You can locate the Bundle ID to all System applications on the Apple Support webpage. Enter the Bundle ID, then tap “Done”. The remainder of the procedure is similar to the App Store applications.

These systems apps aren’t supported by Icon Themer as there is no URL scheme that has been identified to open these apps.

  • Compass
  • Contacts
  • FaceTime
  • Measure
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Tips

These apps must use shortcuts since they utilize private URL schemes that can’t be utilized directly, but only via Shortcuts x-callback URL.

  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Phone
  • Voice Memos
  • Weather

While the process may seem lengthy, it will take only two minutes for you to make a shortcut of an application using Icon Themer. It works best on iOS 14. It’s also recommended to make use of iOS 14 while creating custom icons for apps since you can make use of App Library. App Library in order to conceal the app’s original icons, reducing the amount of redundant icons. If you’re using iOS 13, it’s better to turn on “Reduce Motion’ to make it easier.