How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

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How to Use Flight Tracker in iMessage

The built-in flight tracker on iPhone will revolutionize the method you track your flights for ever!

If you’re planning a holiday or on a business trip tracking flight schedules is an extremely crucial task to take care of. Being aware of whether your flight is on time or delayed can help you keep your travels in order.

It’s even more important in the case of someone you love who is traveling, and you’re the one responsible for taking them to the airport. In the past, we usually use flight tracking websites or apps that are difficult to use. Maybe you’re having trouble locating storage space in your iPhone and the app is taking up your precious storage. We generally accept all of these situations as normal undesirables. However, if your an iPhone user and you’re not obligated to!

What exactly is this Flight Tracker?

Messages come with an integrated flight tracker which eliminates all of the frustrations. Thanks to the integrated tracker feature, you can keep track of details of your flight in just two waves of a lamb’s tail. It doesn’t need you to download any software or visit any website in any way. It’s likely that you don’t have to complete the single thing it asks you to complete; you may already have it.

The flight tracker makes use of an iOS software Data Detectors. This is the technology used to recognize phone numbers, dates and time addresses, as well as the tracking number of couriers in emails, and changing them into hyperlinks. The same concept allows you to tap the phone number to have the option of calling the number, or to select a date or time and add to your calendar, address to view the address in Maps or add it to your contacts or track courier numbers.

All you require is your airline’s flight numbers (and an airline’s name, in certain cases) to access this built-in flight tracker within the Messages application. If you already share (or receiving) information about your flight via a text message then you’ve got your work to do.

The greatest thing about it is that it can be used by all users. This means that you can monitor the flight of any conversation, not only iMessage conversations. The only difference is when you’re communicating via text messages, you only can benefit from this feature.

How to Track a Flight in Messages?

To access this flight tracking tool, you must open the conversation with the details of your flight, regardless of whether you’ve already sent the message or received the message. If you’re not yet ready to provide the information for the flight, then open the conversation in which you’d like to share the information.

For those who want to to keep track of their flight but do not want to share the information to anyone else, you can send your flight information to yourself via iMessage.

The details of the flight include the flight number as well as the airline’s name.

Sending only the flight number is sufficient for many flights. For instance, you could make a message of BA 8461 or BA8461 or BA 8461 to book the British Airways flight. The message doesn’t need to include only flight details; you can use it as any other normal message.

After you have sent the email, your flight details will be highlighted like an image.

If this doesn’t happen then you must add the company name along with your flight’s number. For example, you could make a request for Virgin Atlantic 6905 or Virgin Atlantic VS6905 to book the Virgin Atlantic flight. In this instance, sending just the flight number, VS6905 did not work.

Click the flight number to open the message, which appears as a hyperlink.

There are two options available on the screenThe first is “Preview Flight or Copy Flight Code’. Click the first.

The information about the flight will appear as an overlay screen within the Messages application itself. The information page contains everything, including departure and arrival times , to the duration of the flight as well as baggage claims. It also displays the status of the flight, whether it is on time, delayed, or, if you’re lucky, cancelled. There’s even an live interactive that displays the location of the plane when it’s on the ground. You can zoom and pan the map to get more information. Tap “Done” to go returning to your conversation.

It won’t load a site which takes a long some time to load it is opened in just a few seconds. However, you’ll require an internet connection.

You can also press and tap the flight details in the message to view an instant overview of the map that shows the status of the plane without opening the full information.

The flight tracker displays the most recent details of the flight. If your attempt to locate a plane that’s not yet a few days away and you’re looking at the details such as departure and arrival times, may not be in line with the flight information at all. This is normal since the exact flight can be taking multiple trips during the same period of time.

The most practical use for it is to monitor flights that take off within the next 24 hours in order to locate the right details.

Utilizing the Flight Tracker via “Look Up”

While the flight tracker functions the fastest within the Messages app, with the “Preview Flight option in our app You can also utilize it in other applications on the iPhone.

NOTE: It also works exactly the same way with the Mail app, as it does in Messages.

Let’s say that you have your flight’s number saved in the Notes application. The flight information won’t be displayed as a link that you can click right away. However, you can highlight the information about the flight and click ‘Look Up From the choices which appear.

Tap the first option that reads “Flights” to download flight tracking data from the iPhone’s built-in flight tracker.

The details will be visible, however the map that shows the status of the plane won’t be interactive.

The iPhone’s flight tracker can save you lots of time in keeping track of your flights. It doesn’t require you to go through any hurdles to use it. It’s also accessible in the Messages application on Mac.