How to Use Do Not Disturb on iPhone 14

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How to Use Do Not Disturb on iPhone 14

Utilize Do Not Disturb to block unwanted app notifications and calls off your list.

While our phones are our primary companions in recent times but it’s important to get away from them at least once in a while. If you’re at work and need focused, laser-like focus with no distractions of notifications on your phone or you just want to enjoy some private time and time, it all comes to the act of putting your phone away.

Its Do Not Disturb feature helps in ensuring that you have a quiet time. When you turn the Do Not Disturb option activated, iPhone silences all notifications and calls, but you can make exceptions to this. Beginning with iOS 15, Do Not Disturb is part of Focus. Because the entire iPhone 14 lineup ships with iOS 16, DND works similarly. This article will provide everything you need to be aware of when using Do Not Disturb on iPhone 14 (and variations).

Allow DND via the Control Centre

Although DND is one of Focus modes it is not necessary to configure it like other Focuses. It can be used directly through Control Centre. Control Centre.

Tap downwards from the upper-right corner of the screen to access Control Centre. Control Centre.

If the menu for ‘Focus’ displays an icon of a crescent moon You can press the icon to activate the option to ‘Do Not disturb’.

However, if the icon on the Focus tile is something other than that, tap the tile instead.

Tap the button for Do Not Disturb’ to activate it.

Do Not Disturb will remain in effect until you turn it off.

You can also turn on DND under certain conditions. In your expanded Focus view of the Control Centre, tap the three dots to the right side of the DND tile.

You can now select to activate DND for an hour until the evening, and until the time you depart your current area. Select the option to enable it.

Disabling DND

If DND is turned on it will display an icon of a crescent moon on the bar of status.

You can turn off DND via your Control Centre or even from the screen of the lock the screen itself.

To turn it off from Control Centre, to disable it from Control Centre, tap the “DND” icon on the Focus tile.

In iOS 16 locks are linked to the option of linking them to a Focus. Even if you haven’t linked a specific lock screen to the Focus and you turn on any Focus is activated (including DND), you’ll have the option to enable it on the screen of your lock. Select the option.

Tap the ‘Do not disturb tile to turn off the.

Change the Settings for DND

You can create an appointment for DND and alter other settings to support DND. Start the Settings app and select the option for “Focus”.

After that, select the “Do Not Disturb’ button.

To create a schedule for DND go to the bottom of the page and select “Add Schedule”.

You can then program Do Not Disturb to be activated automatically at a specific date, time or when using an app.

You can also permit or block notifications from certain applications or individuals when DND is in effect. Select “People” or “Apps” to create an allow or silence list. For more information, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to make a silence or list of allow.

You may additionally connect the lock and home screens to DND. If DND is turned on the connected lock screen will be activated while only home screen you choose will be shown. If you own the Apple Watch connected to your iPhone You can also choose a screen to display.

To choose a screen for your lock select the ‘Choose’ button beneath the thumbnail of the lock screen.

Select the screen that you wish to connect to DND and then tap “Done”.

To choose the home screen, click “Choose” under the thumbnail of the home screen.

Tap on the screen to choose which home pages that you would like to keep for DND. Then click ‘Done’ in the top-right hand corner.

DND is vital to get some peace and tranquility amid a world full of notifications. With this guide, you’ll know how to make the most DND on the iPhone 14.