How to Unsilence Calls on iPhone

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How to Unsilence Calls on iPhone

Don’t miss important calls. Find out the reason your phone calls are not being answered and then fix it.

Turning off your mobile is a good idea. This isn’t something that has just occurred to you, and you’re unable to find a way to fix it. However, for a lot of iPhone users, this is how it’s.

In between getting lost in a number of complicated settings and bugs, a lot of users are having issues in their iPhone phone’s call notification system. It can be frustrating and even devastating when you’re constantly not receiving important calls. If you approach each step at one time, you will escape this tangled maze.

Check the Ring/ Silent Switch

If you’re new to making use of an iPhone and you’re still trying to figure out how muteand unmute functions and how to use it, then you need to master the basics first. The process of switching the iPhone from vibrate to ringer and vice versa is a breeze. With its easy-to-use Mute button, you can easily mute or unmute your iPhone. However, its location could also mean that you place your iPhone in the wrong position and put it on mute.

To turn off the sound of your iPhone ensure that the mute button located on the left of your phone isn’t in the same position as the orange line is visible. In the event that it’s not, turn it, then your iPhone will stop being silent.

Check the Ringer Volume

If you’re iPhone is in Ring mode, however, your calls are being blocked, you should check the volume of your Ringer. It could be because the volume is extremely low or is at the low side. It is possible to increase or lower the volume of ringers using those volume controls on the iPhone when you’ve set the settings to allow it.

If you don’t, check the iPhone settings and then tap the ‘Sound and Haptics’.

Make sure you check the slider in the “Ringer and Alerts” setting and ensure that it’s not zero or low enough to make the ringer sound unlistenable.

Check Do Not Disturb

If your iPhone is in silent mode, make sure you haven’t got the DND mode on. DND will block calls during the time the iPhone is locked, or at all times dependent on the settings at your end.

Scroll downwards from either the top-right corner (for iPhones with a notch) or at the lower part of the screen (for iPhones without a notch) to open Control Center. Control Center. Check whether the option to turn off DND (crescent moon symbol) isn’t on.

Also, ensure that you do not set Do Not Disturb set to a time. Go to settings on your iPhone and then tap ‘Do Not Disturb’.

In your DND settings, make sure that the option “Scheduled” is turned off. If it’s turned on and you’d like to keep it this way, ensure that you are aware of the time that the program is running. If you wish to maintain this schedule, you’ll need to set additional settings to it. For example, if you would like, you could permit calls from specific people or enable the option for repeated calls when your phone is on DND.

Check Silence Unknown Callers

Perhaps only a few of your calls are not being answered but others aren’t. The commonality that you’re not receiving is that they’re all coming from individuals who aren’t in your contact list. If this is the case, you should examine this specific setting.

From the iPhone settings, select the settings for ‘Phone’.

Scroll down, and ensure that it is off under ‘Silence Unknown Callers’. If it is on then tap it to open it.

Turn off the switch.

Check Bedtime Status

It could be that your settings are in order but your phone calls are blocked. You’re unable to figure out the reason. There are some things to check which could be the reason that you’re not getting important calls. Let’s begin with the bedtime Status.

The feature for bedtime status in iOS 14 that lets you monitor your sleep, will also put your phone on DND automatically at bed time to sleep, thereby blocking your calls during the process. Start the app Health on your iPhone. Switch to the tab ‘Browse’ from the lower right on the page.

Scroll down, and then tap “Sleep”.

Under the settings for sleep, check whether you have a scheduled. Click ‘Full Schedule and Options’ to view the entire information.

If you are on a sleep timer, you can switch it off completely.

You can also manually switch off DNDor Bedtime in your Control Center each time your phone is in sleep mode however you do not want it to silence your calls on that day. By turning off Bedtime in Control Center Control Center won’t turn off the alarm for your bedtime; it will only impact DND.

Verify Connection using Bluetooth Audio

Perhaps your calls are shut off because they’re being directed to a Bluetooth device even though you’re not paying attention to it. For example, if you have your smartphone connected Bluetooth headphones, even though you’re not currently using them then the ringing for calls will be routed to the device, not to your phone.

Go to your iPhone settings and then go to Bluetooth. Make sure that there is no connection is in use.

Check Auto Answer Calls

Perhaps your phone isn’t blocking calls as much because it’s responding to them on your behalf. If you’re not receiving calls, yet there are no missed calls displayed it could be the cause.

Open iPhone settings and then click on Accessibility..

Then, go to ‘Touch’.

Look for and tap the option for Call Audio Routing, then tap on it.

You’ll see the option to ‘Auto-Answer calls’. Make sure it’s turned off.

If it does not say off, just tap it to make it open then switch off the switch.

Check Call Audio Routing

If you’re having issues calling, make sure you check the settings for your audio call routing.

Open the Call Audio Routing option in Accessibility. Make sure it’s set to Automatic..

Check for Blocked Numbers

If you’re missing only calls from a specific number, ensure that you’ve not accidentally blocked them. Go to the iPhone settings and then tap the option to “Phone”. Select “Blocked Contacts” in the phone settings.

If the number you’re not receiving calls from is listed on the block list for numbers Unblock it. Swipe to the left of that number, then click on Unblock..

If your iPhone is blocking phone calls (some of them, or even all) regardless of the settings above reboot your phone, and check to see if there are any software updates in the pipeline. If nothing helps you, then call Apple Support or take your phone to the Apple Service Center.