How to Turn Off iMessage for One Person

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How to Turn Off iMessage for One Person

Unfortunately, you can’t disable iMessage for one person , but you can perform other tasks in lieu.

iMessage Apple’s instant messaging service, has proved very well-liked by Apple users ever since its launch over 10 years ago.

It is possible to use iMessage across all of your Apple devices to connect with other Apple users, without paying typical costs for messaging from carriers. It makes use of your cell phone data or Wi-Fi connection to transmit and read messages. What happens if you run into issues sending messages to someoneelse?

It happens often. It could be that the user does not have internet access connection at the moment. Perhaps they’ve opted off from Apple’s Apple ecosystem. As a result, your messages that you send to them won’t be getting through. iMessages require the internet , after all.

Is there an option to disable iMessage for a specific person so that you can send them regular messages via text? Unfortunately, no. iMessage isn’t like that You can’t disable it for one user, but keep it active for other users. It’s an easy binary setting that you can switch it off or on.

What can you do take in this scenario?

Ask The Other Person to Turn Off iMessage

The issue is more their responsibility to resolve than it is yours. If they are often without connection to internet access, then turning off iMessage or removing them with the servers can make life easier for all. You won’t miss any messages, and you won’t need to go through hurdles to be able to send messages to them.

The first step is to request that they turn off iMessage. Visit iPhone Settings and then scroll to “Messages”.

Turn off the switch for “iMessage”.

If they do not have access the iPhone (they have switched to an alternative device) and then deregistering with iMessage’s servers is the sole method.

One of the most frequently asked concerns here is how do they get rid of their registration from servers that do not have internet access. They can ask another person, similar to you, perhaps to complete the process for them. You don’t have to sign in to any website and you only need an authorization code from the number you want to remove from your account.

Visit Apple’s website to remove iMessage from registration. Choose the country code and then enter the number you wish to remove from registration. After that, select the “Send code” option.

Enter the 6-digit code that was received from the number and then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Use the ‘Send as SMS’ Option

If the other person doesn’t turn off their iMessage and you’re still in the dark, you’ve got an issue to solve. Apart from switching off iMessage each time you’d like to contact them, this is the only alternative.

The first step is to ensure that the option to send as SMS is turned on. Navigate to Messages in within the Settings app. Make sure that the switch for “Send as SMS” is turned on.

Then, disconnect your Wi-Fi and cellular connection prior to making the call or while it is being transmitted.

If iMessage cannot send the message, you’ll notice an exclamation point next to the message, which indicates the error Tap it.

After that, select the ‘Send as text message option.

It’s impossible to disable iMessages for a single user using your phone. However, you can send text messages to them using either switching off iMessage each time or by using the ‘Send as text message’ option.