How to Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage

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How to Turn Off Deliver Quietly on iMessage

If the notifications for iMessages don’t seem to be appearing anywhere other than in the center of notification, then you are using the wrong settings in the right place.

Controlling notifications managing notifications on managing notifications on your iPhone is a breeze today. You can manage them directly from the lock screen or in the notification center without needing to open your Settings app.

Additionally, you have various options to deliver your notifications, instead of a binary on/off situation. iOS will send your notifications in a manner that is quiet, prominent or even not at all. The latter is easy to understand But what’s the difference between the previous two?

Notifications with a prominent design are those that appear in the screen of your lock, along with the sound. They also appear as labels when you’re iPhone is in an lock state when you’re in use.

However, for notifications that are sent quietly the notifications only show up on the notifications center and not on the screen for the lock screen. There aren’t any labels or sounds, nor app icons for them. In essence your notifications will not disturb you, without the need for DND however, you will still see notifications in your notification centre. They won’t disappear completely.

While the entire system is extremely easy to handle your notifications, there are times when you may end up using the wrong settings for the incorrect app. This happens more frequently than you think it is because of an accident or miscommunication. Sometimes, we find ourselves changing our minds regarding whether or not to send the messages quietly. Whatever the reason you can disable the ‘Deliver Quietly very quickly.

Turning off Deliver Quietly for iMessage

Controlling the notifications you receive for messages is a challenge. You’d like to receive notifications from iMessages, but you do not want spam messages to bother you. A lot of users decide to send messages in silence hoping to get rid of notifications for junk messages only to discover later that it silences all notifications, including those sent to your iMessage.

To turn off delivery quietly for iMessage it is important to remember that the settings for notifications are applicable to the whole application. Therefore, you’ll need to disable silent delivery for all of your messages.

You can disable delivery silently and then return to prominent notifications by accessing your notification centre or from your iPhone settings.

If you receive a notification from the Messages app is in your notification center right now then, congratulations! You can disable “deliver quietly” quickly. Click on the notification, and swipe left on it.

There are a few options in the upper right. Select the “Manage” option.

A pop-up window for ‘Manage notifications The pop-up will show. When your notifications are set for deliver quietly, you’ll find the option ‘Deliver Prominently’ there. Tap it. Deliver Quietly will turn off, and you’ll begin receiving notifications as usual.

If there’s any notification from the Messages application in the notification centre right now No problem. Start the app ‘Settings’ and then tap the ‘Notifications’ option.

Continue scrolling down to see “Messages” on the list. Click on the icon to launch it.

This is where you can enable alerts for the Lock Screen and the “Banners”.

Tap the menu for ‘Sounds’..

Sound alert options will be available. Choose an alert tone to notify you from the options, and anything other than None..

Return to the screen you were on and switch on the toggle for ‘Badges’ in order to bring back normal notifications.

All notifications related to of your messages including iMessage will resume normal when you disable ‘Deliver Quietly to them. They’ll show up on the screen of your lock, as banners, and badges for the app icon, and play an alert sound.

Tips: If you were seeking a method to block the notifications of those spam messages and deliver them quietly, turning off all notifications isn’t the only option. There’s a method to silence individual messages to ensure they don’t bother you, without having to compromise the notifications of all your messages. You can block alerts for specific messages.