How to Turn Flashlight On & Off on iPhone 14

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How to Turn Flashlight On & Off on iPhone 14

Let there be some light!

The flashlight is among the features that your phone can offer in times of the need. It could be when you have to locate those keys within the dark of a theater or even the keyhole on the door when trying to open the door with no lights the flashlight function on your iPhone could prove extremely useful.

If you are switching from an Android to iPhone instead of an Android device, it’s an adjustment and finding the way to navigate isn’t easy. The flashlight is a blessing, switching it on or off is a simple press from the iPhone 14.

Switch Flashlight on from the Lock Screen

Switching the flashlight on or off is as easy as pressing a button and you don’t need to open your screen for this.

Then, tap on the device that is locked to illuminate the screen. After that, hold and tap onto the flashlight button located in the lower left corner. This is it! You have activated the flashlight on your iPhone.

To turn off the flashlight, press and hold the flashlight button until you switch it off.

Tips: To quickly turn off the flashlight, you may move your finger slightly to the right of the screen as if you were trying opening the camera. It’s not necessary for the camera to be opened, but a small swipe will shut off the light source. It’s a lot faster.

Add Flashlight to the Control Centre

You can also add a flashlight to the control center , so you don’t have to open the lock screen each time you want to utilize it. It is easy to open the Control Center via any of the screens on your iPhone and then use it. Additionally, you can alter the brightness of the flashlight by using within the Control Centre.

To include the flashlight in the control center, go into the Settings app, which is accessible on your home page or from the app library.

Then, click on the Control Centre option in the menu.

Scroll down to select the option ‘Torch’ from the menu, and click on the “+” icon before it to include it in Control Centre. Control Centre.

Now You will be able to find the torch feature in the Control Centre on the iPhone 14. Tap the lower-left edge of your screen to access the Control Centre. After that, tap on the button for flashlight to switch it onor off.

To alter the intensity that the light emits simply press and hold on the flashlight symbol present in the control center. This will display an overlay pane of your screen.

After that, swipe up to increase the intensity , and move it down to decrease it. iPhone will keep track of the intensity level next time you switch off the light.

You’re right, folks. Turning the flashlight on or off in the iPhone 14 is literally this easy. There’s no reason to search for a flashlight in the dark. Simply pull off your iPhone and switch to the flash.