How to Text Yourself in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Text Yourself in iMessage on iPhone

Keep your grocery lists and any other information you’d like to keep to share with you.

The ability to text yourself can be extremely handy in a variety of situations. If you need a place to store your shopping lists, or to pretend to be in a conversation due to some reason (no judgements here) Your chat thread will do the job for you.

With iMessage, it is easy to send yourself a text message. However, before you can start texting yourself using iMessage you must make sure that you have the right settings.

The first thing to do is ensure that iMessage is turned on. Start the Settings app, scroll down to ‘Messages’, then tap it.

Check whether the toggle for “iMessage” is turned on.

While you’re there take a look at the way you’re receiving and sending iMessage. Click ‘Send and Receive’ to view the specifics.

Close the Settings app and go to the phone application. Click the Contacts button at the lower right on the display.

Tap your name or select the option that reads “My Card’.

Make sure you have all address (phone numbers and emails) that you’ve entered in iMessage as contact details.

If the addresses aren’t part of one contact group, then you’ll receive distinct chat threads based on the type of input you’re using, whether it’s your email address or phone number. If they’re all in the same contact the messages will be displayed within a single chat.

In addition, you must enter your name if you don’t have it previously. If you’re looking to create a fake conversation then you can change your name to display your fake contact in this.

Then, open the Messengers app. Click the icon ‘New Message’ located in the upper-right corner on the display.

Enter the name of your contact (or the one you have edited) in the textbox ‘To’ to send a message to yourself. Enter the message into the message box, then transmit it as a normal message.

If you’re texting yourself and receiving a text message, you’ll also get the same message inside the form of a gray bubble.

The conversation is a two-part one which is why it is easy to fake conversations. Don’t be fooled as it can be a long process to fake it , unless it’s really small. It’s a great method to keep any information you want to yourself, however. It will also be accessible across all of your Apple devices using the same IMessage addresses.

To make the conversation appear authentic the only thing you need to do is erase messages from either the blue or gray bubble. To erase a message, hold and tap on a message, then select More from the menu that pops up.

Choose the messages you wish to erase and then click the delete icon located in the lower left right-hand corner.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Tap ‘Delete Message’ or ‘Delete [n] Messages’ to delete multiple messages.

It’s incredibly simple and easy to send yourself a text message using iMessage on your iPhone. There aren’t any complicated techniques or jump through any hurdles.