How to Sign Out or Sign Back Into iMessage on iPhone

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How to Sign Out or Sign Back Into iMessage on iPhone

Sign out and sign back to iMessage with two shakes of the tail of a lamb.

iMessage is a cult popular instant messaging app for Apple users ever since it was introduced to the ecosystem. It is possible to communicate with others Apple users on all of your Apple gadgets: iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The receivers can be found on these devices too. In contrast to other apps, the device you’re using does not limit the capabilities.

However, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine within iMessage land. While we’d love to believe that way, the reality is that iMessage frequently has unexpected glitches. Sometimes, you’ll encounter an error when trying to enable it. Sometimes, it simply isn’t working. Sometimes, you’ll encounter an error that prevents the download of any file.

There are a handful of mistakes that I’ve made off the top of my head. Most of the times, the most common solution to fix these is to sign off of the Apple ID and then logging back in.

If you’re trying to resolve an issue or need to log out of your existing Apple ID and use another for iMessage, the entire procedure isn’t much more simple.

Start your Settings application on your iPhone. Scroll down until “Messages” and then select the option.

Tap the option for ‘Send and Receive’ in the iMessage option.

The link to Apple ID will be available at the bottom in blue. Tap it.

A few options will be displayed in the overlay menu. Click ‘Sign Out’ to remove yourself from the Apple ID. Wait until it has signed out.

After it’s been closed and you’re back in the “Send & Receive’ settings to log back in. After that, select to ‘Use the Apple ID for iMessage’.

If you wish to sign in using the same account you used previously then tap ‘Sign in using the menu overlay. If not, select ‘Use another Apple ID’ and sign to the other Apple ID.

Signing out and signing back into iMessage is a matter of just a few minutes, but it could fix a variety of issues with the service. If you’re experiencing difficulties accessing iMessage or encountering an error message such as ‘iMessage not closed Check out these solutions to get it working as normal.