How to Share WiFi Password on iPhone

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How to Share WiFi Password on iPhone

Share your Wi-Fi password easily by using the steps listed here.

To ensure that your Wi-Fi password is secure, we often make long passwords. However, there’s a minor effect of these security measures: sharing passwords could be an issue.

There’s a way to share your Wi-Fi passwords to other Apple users that eliminates the hassle completely. With the built-in feature for sharing passwords that lets you transmit your Wi-Fi password to others without blinking an eye, and you don’t have to divulge your password.

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with Apple Users

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with others Apple user (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) is a stroll in the park, but there are some prerequisites prior to sharing the password.


Before sharing your Wi-Fi password, make sure whether you meet the following requirements:

  • Both devices must be running the most recent versions of iOS as well as iPadOS. If the device receiving is an Mac the device should have macOS High Sierra or later.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on for both devices.
  • Personal Hotspot should be disabled on both devices.
  • Both devices must be logged in with the Apple ID.
  • Apple IDs for one another must be stored in both contacts. This means that you must be able to find your Apple ID of the person who you plan to share your Wi-Fi password with in your contacts, and vice versa.
  • The devices must be close to each one another, i.e., within the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

If any of the above conditions aren’t fully met, you won’t be able to share your Wi-Fi password using the method listed below.

Sharing the Wi-Fi Password

To transfer the password to Wi-Fi, both computers have to work in tandem.

On the receiving device which is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network, follow the initial steps to join the Wi-Fi network until it prompts you for the password.

Let us illustrate this with the help that comes with the iPhone. Start the Settings app, and then select the Wi-Fi option.

Tap the Wi-Fi network’ that you want to connect to. The system will ask you for your password. The ball is now on the court waiting for the device that is sharing the password.

When sharing the device ensure that you unlock it before connecting your device to the network via Wi-Fi.

When the receiver’s phone is able to access the password screen on their phone, a setup animation to share the Wi-Fi password will be displayed in your mobile.

Tap Share Password from the home screen.

This password is shared to the device. Tap “Done” to end the animation.

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with non-Apple Users

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with Apple users could be a an easy task, but not everyone who will require your Wi-Fi password is an Apple user. There are two ways that you can share your Wi-Fi password them, in addition to simply dictating it manually to them obviously.

Copy and Share the Wi-Fi Password (For iOS 16 & Above)

iOS 16 has a new feature that lets you see and even copy the passwords for all of your Wi-Fi networks that you have saved, not just the one that you’re connecting to. This feature can be useful when you have access to your WiFi password for Apple people who’re not around.

To determine the password for the Wi-Fi network, go to the Settings app and select the Wi-Fi option..

If you’re connecting to your network it will show up on the Wi-Fi settings page itself. Click ‘i’ on the top right corner to see additional information. You’ll need to sign in using Faceor Touch ID or an iPhone password to gain access to the password.

If you’re not connecting to the internet, but it’s saved in your phone, then click Edit in the upper-right corner.

Face/Touch Identification or Passcode will again be required to gain access to the saved networks. Select the network in the list, then tap “i” in the upper-right corner.

In both cases you’ll be able to access the same screen, which will provide additional information about the network. The “Password” field, however the password itself will be hidden. Tap it once to reveal the password.

The option to copy will be displayed when you enter the password. Tap on it and copy your password, and you can send it as a text email or message to the other person.

Create a QR Code

You can also generate an QR code for your Wi-Fi password, and then give the QR code to others to allow them to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Utilizing the QR code doesn’t divulge the password of your account to any person else, however anyone who has access to your QR code will still be connected with your Wi-Fi network.

The majority of Android smartphones and iPhones have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code for a long time. It is possible to use any third-party application or website to create an QR code. We’ll demonstrate the process by using a website.

Open the website from any browser on your phone.

Select WIFI from the options that are available.

Input the names of your network as well as the password into the appropriate fields. The only downside is that you’ll need to input the information manually in order to create the code.

Select the kind of encryption from the available options, and then tap the ‘Generate QR Code Click to generate QR code.

If you’re not averse to joining, click the button ‘Download. Join and it will save the picture to your photo. If you don’t want to, take a photo from the QR code. You can then cut out all other things except the code in the image.

You can now print out the QR code to paste them on your home for guests, or display the QR code on your smartphone whenever you wish to give them the Wi-Fi password.

If your password is too long or you are prone to lose it these techniques will make it simple to share your Wi-Fi password with your iPhone.