How to Send Fireworks in iMessage

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How to Send Fireworks in iMessage

Learn how to send fireworks through iMessage, and let your messages be more and more expressive than ever before!

Messaging is constantly changing, making it appear more real and more dynamic. In the same vein, Apple’s iMessage service launched “Message Effects” in iOS 10; however, it’s true that not all of us are familiar with how to use it in real-time.

For a quick overview, iMessage allows you to send different effects on the screen (fireworks in this instance) to anyone you want. There are two options to accomplish this, iOS includes pre-configured call words that can activate the effect in a way that is automatic; or, you can summon the effects on demand. So, let’s get started.

Send Fireworks Automatically in iMessage

Although there is a manual trigger to send fireworks via iMessage, it’s more convenient to be able to trigger it automatically , by simply sending ” Happy New Year” in English and this is also a good option to translate it into many other languages, such as ” Buon anno” in Italian or ” Selamat tahun baru” in Malay to mention just a few.

To automatically send fireworks go into the thread of conversation on the app ‘Message’ of the person you want to send fireworks to.

Then next, then type ” Happy New Year!” In the message box , then tap on the “send” button. The message will appear as fireworks appear on your screen. This is an example of what the recipient of your message can see in their screens.

Trigger Fireworks Manually in iMessage

Although triggering fireworks automatically could be very handy, however in the same way, there are limitations in it being activated through only specific phrases. However, manually activating it is fairly simple too.

To do this, go to the head of conversation for the person you want to send the fireworks to.

Then, type in the message you want to send and then press and hold the’send’ button. This will open an overlay menu that appears on your screen.

From the screen ‘Send with effect click on the screen tab in the upper part on the display. After that, swipe left to left six times in order to get the effect ‘fireworks’ and then tap the’send’ button in order to transmit the text using the effect.

Then you’ll also be able to view an example of this effects in your screen after you have sent the message.

FIX: Effects Not Showing up on Sending or Receiving of iMessage

If you’re noticing that the iMessage effects aren’t appearing on your specific iPhone Don’t be worried it is easy to solve the issue in no time and restore those stunning effects.

Then, go to the Settings app on the home screen or in the app library on your iPhone.

Then, scroll down until you find the ‘Accessibility’ tab, then tap it to continue.

Then, click on”Motion” present on the Accessibility page.

Find the option ‘Reduce Motion’ and then tap the switch at the very right-hand edge of the tile until it is in the off position.

Additionally, look for the ‘Auto-Play message effects’ option under the ‘Reduce Motion option. Then you can toggle the next switch to the ‘On’ setting to ensure that all messages that contain effects will play automatically.

This is it! You will be able to send an iMessage with the effect of fireworks anytime you want to send it.