How to Send Confetti in iMessage

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How to Send Confetti in iMessage

Send your love in showers of confetti. Don’t send boring messages in iMessage never again!

Sometimes, messaging can become boring. Sending important messages over messages can feel unpersonal. However, not so to iMessage users. IMessage comes with special effects to messages which completely cut away the monotony from your messages.

If you’re truly happy about the success of someone else, you can demonstrate it by throwing a volley of confetti. It’s almost identical to actually arriving with confetti to the location. Here’s how you can do it.

Sending Confetti Automatically in iMessage

iMessage is a tightly kept secret that no one is aware of, even though it’s been a long time since the release of iMessage effects. Every effect is triggered by specific words. If you include these words as a text message, the effect that is associated with it will be instantly sent, without effort from your end.

For a system that automatically sends confetti to your recipient, compose “Congratulations,” ” Congrats,” or “Felicitations”. It is possible to include punctuation marks or emojis, however, the message shouldn’t contain any other words. Send it out as a normal text message and it will take a flurry of confetti in a sequence.

It can also be used in different languages other than English for example, the keyboard “Selamat” in Indonesian or “Felicidades” in Spanish will send out showers of confetti.

Try translating”Happy” in other language to determine if it will be compatible with them.

How to Manually Add Confetti to any Message

While the trigger system that is automatic is amazing, it’s also extremely limited. If you’re looking to send the confetti along in conjunction with other messages, you need to take things in your own hands. You can add the confetti in any message you wish, regardless of the content.

After you have typed your message, hold and tap on the button to send (the blue Arrow) until the screen with effects for Send appears.

After that, tap the screen tab to change to effects on the screen instead of bubble effects.

Left swipe until you get to that Confetti effect. It’s the 4th in the number. This means you’ll have to swipe three times. After that, press the “Send” button to send your message using an explosion of confetti.

When the recipient is able to open your iMessage within the Messages app the screen will be brimming with glitter, and their hearts will be filled with affection.

Alongside confetti, one may also send messages using other effects on the screen like echo balloons, fireworks, lasers, spotlights, hearts shooting stars, and celebration effects. Each effect comes with their own trigger word. You can continue changing things up in iMessage, but repeating the same effect each time could get monotonous in the end!