How to Search in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Search in iMessage on iPhone

Find your old messages quickly using your phone!

The benefits of messages aren’t just in situations where you don’t want to speak on the phone. They can also be useful for keeping records of conversations. If you’re looking for important information, seeking or you’re just looking for a moment of nostalgia that’s seized you, you’ll be able to locate any messages from the past in your phone.

Before you begin to look for a message, be aware that you are able to only look up messages that are stored on your device. Old messages that were deleted will not show up even if you have iCloud backups on. There’s no way for archiving messages using iPhone and after deletion, the messages will be gone for good.

There are two ways to look for messages. Let’s go on.

Search from within the messaging app

Start the Messages application using your iPhone. With the conversation thread list open, you can swipe downwards to reveal the screen. It doesn’t matter what list you’re browsing All messages, known senders, or unidentified senders. The search will include any conversations, regardless of the location you’re looking.

Click the Search bar at the top of the screen and enter the phrase or term you’re looking for. If you have more terms that can remember the easier it will be to locate the results you’re seeking. Even if you can’t recall the exact word, and just a few letters, you can type them. Search results will show any messages that contain the letters.

Some of the best results will be displayed immediately on the screen when you enter. If you see the message you’re seeking in those results then tap it to display it. If not, tap “See All” to display the entire search results. After that select the chat you wish to open.

The message you were looking for will be displayed in the chat window and appear in a dark bubble for a short time to make it easier for you to locate.

Use the Spotlight Search

It is also possible to search for messages within The Messages app without even opening the application. Spotlight search has been improved in the past. It is now able to look up content within the applications. This includes searching to find all iMessage and text message stored on your device.

Tap your screen at home to open the search feature. After that, type in the text you wish to search for.

Based on the results from other locations, you may need to scroll down a little to find the messages. If the message you see on the screen is what you’re looking for, just tap it to launch the chat. If not you can tap “Search in App’ to view additional results.

The results will be displayed within the application. Click “See All to view the entire list of results, then tap the chat you wish to open.

Are you unable to locate the message?

If you are unable to locate the message you were searching for, keep in mind that this is only applicable to messages that weren’t deleted. “But I swear I didn’t delete those messages!” If you’re telling yourself this right now, it’s likely that your iPhone may have erased the messages, and a specific setting could be to blame. For a second look, go to your Settings application in your iPhone.

Scroll down, then select “Messages”.

Scroll down the settings for messages until you see the option to ‘Keep Messages. You’ll then see the option that is next to it. If it reads 30 days or one year, you’ve identified the culprit. iPhone erases all previous messages after a certain time indefinitely.

You can’t restore any messages from the past, however, you can alter this setting in the future. Click the menu for it to display. Then, select ‘Forever’. Be aware that choosing forever implies that you’re going to give a lot of space for messages. Perhaps choosing a year rather than 30 days could be more affordable in this instance? It’s up to you to decide.

The search feature allows you to locate any older iMessage and text message stored on your iPhone. There’s no way to search for messages within one chat to minimize the amount of information you’ll find. However, the feature is quite impressive.