How to Remove Background Wallpaper Blur From iPhone Home Screen

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How to Remove Background Wallpaper Blur From iPhone Home Screen

Take away the blurred background from the iPhone Home Screen to clearly be able to see the wallpaper.

iOS 16 brought a slew of lock screen and home screen options One of them is an option to blur the Home Screen wallpaper blur. This feature lets you blur the wallpaper you’ve placed for your home Screen to enhance the visibility of icons for apps and text.

Although there are some who are not an advocate of this feature because the intensity of blur is excessive, which totally obscures the actual details of the wallpaper. Moreover, as of the writing time of the article Apple doesn’t let users play with the brightness of the blur You can turn the feature off or turn it on.

Fortunately switching off the blur effect of wallpaper in your Home Screen is a very easy and straightforward procedure.

Then, you must start the ‘Settings’ application in your iPhone or from your Home Screen or your App Library.

Then, click on the option ‘Wallpaper’ to continue.

Then, click on the Customize button located beneath the Home Screen icon to see the various options for customization.

Finally, tap the option “Blur” at the bottom right to turn off blurring of the background in the home Screen on your iPhone. If you turn off blur you’ll be able to clearly view the wallpaper displayed on your preview display.

To save and confirm your changes, click on the button ‘Done’ in the upper-right corner on the display.

That’s it! You have turned off the blurring of your home screen on your phone.

Alternately, you can also modify the home screen of your device directly on your Lock Screen by bringing up the Lock Screen selector.

To do this simply tap and hold anyplace within the Lock Screen to bring up the Lock Screen selector screen. After that, tap the Customize option.

Then, click on then the Home Screen visual on the right side to see options for the Home Screen wallpaper customization options.

After that, click on the blur option in the lower right corner to turn off the blur. Then, you should see the latest display of the wallpaper after turning off blur.

Then, press the button ‘Done’ to save the changes you’ve made.