How to Recover Accidentally Deleted iMessage on iPhone

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How to Recover Accidentally Deleted iMessage on iPhone

The mistake of deleting an iMessage thread isn’t the end of the world. It is possible to retrieve it by following these steps

In a medium that’s not as personal as other types that communicate, it’s a strange feeling of connection that we feel to old conversations. They feed our nostalgia and a lot of us are holding onto threads from the past because we’re afraid to erase them.

It’s not as if they’re just for trips through time. There’s a ton of valuable information stored in these conversations, too. A simple search for the keyword can be re-read the information at any time without needing to request it once more.

It’s no wonder that it’s an affront if these precious messages are deleted from iMessage accidentally. There’s no place or trash that you can retrieve the messages from. Does this mean they’re lost for good? But is there a chance to save some? There are some things you can do to retrieve your data in the event of an accident.

Make sure you check your other Apple Devices

In the event that you delete an IMessage message from your iPhone however, you also own an iPad or a Mac or an iPhone even, there’s a solution for you. However, this is only a possibility when you have the identical Apple ID on these devices and don’t connect messages with iCloud.

If you are using Messages through iCloud the service syncs your messages across every device, so that you can view the same message across all devices. However, it also means that iCloud ensures that it deletes messages from all devices. If you don’t have iCloud, you could be able to locate the thread on another device. To be able to use this feature it is necessary to have enabled iMessage on the other device.

Visit the device and look for it and search for the iMessage thread. If you locate it, you may choose to just keep it on the second device, or transfer the message to an iPhone. However, you won’t be able to restore the thread to your iPhone precisely. When you forward it to yourself it will be a conversation between you and not another person. However, it will remain there.

Act Quick and Turn Off iCloud

If you make use of Messages using iCloud and you’ve deleted the iMessage message, then you could recover it if you take action promptly. If you have accidentally deleted the message, but realized the error quickly switching off iCloud could aid.

Navigate to the iPhone settings and then tap “Name card” at the top.

The Apple ID settings will open. Select the option ‘iCloud’.

Tap the toggle for “Messages” to disable it.

Click ‘Disable and Download messages’ in the pop-up that appears. If the thread isn’t removed off iCloud servers, it will download onto your computer.

Recover deleted messages from the iCloud Backup

If you did not use messages in iCloud however, you have backed up the phone as well as messages in iCloud You can restore messages from the iCloud backup. Be aware that when using Messages within iCloud messages aren’t separate from your iCloud backup for your phone. This option is only available to you when you have messages within iCloud disabled, however you have included messages in your iCloud backup.

If you are considering restoring the iCloud backup, there are a some things to take into consideration. Are your backups from iCloud old enough to contain deletion of the iMessage thread? i.e., was the backup created prior to when that you deleted it accidentally? Another thing you need to think about is whether the process of restoring an iCloud backup of deleted iMessage threads worthwhile?

To determine if the backup actually contains deletion of the iMessage thread, head to Settings and then open Apple ID settings by tapping your name on the top.

Tap the next option for “iCloud”.

Click the “Manage Storage’ option.

Tap on ‘Backups’.

It will show the list of available backups, if you own multiple devices. Select the backup that is available for the device you’re currently using.

In the backup information look for the date in front of ‘Last Backup to determine whether the backup is older that the day of the incident.

Then, let’s move on to the next question. You’ve found that your backup is outdated enough to contain the thread that was deleted. What should you do to make a backup of the iCloud backup? This means restoring your phone to original factory settings, and then recovering it from the backup. Also, any data that was not stored in the backup will be deleted. If you think it’s worth it proceed by following this procedure.

Select ‘General’ from the iPhone settings.

Tap the menu for “Reset”.

Scroll to the bottom and tap “Delete all Settings and Content’ button to reset your phone.

After the reset has been completed the phone will begin from scratch and you’ll be able to configure it. Select the option “Restore from iCloud Backup to setup your phone using the backup.

Backup and restore from iTunes Backup

If you back up using iTunes rather than iCloud, the restore from an iTunes backup will retrieve the deleted thread for you in the event that the backup is older than. If you’re using Messages in conjunction with iCloud and iCloud, then the iTunes backups won’t include your messages. For those who do not use iCloud Messages It’s worth trying.

When you restore the backup you made from iCloud the data that you have on your device will be replaced with the backup. Before you do anything be aware the fact that it will erase any data hasn’t been backed up.

Make sure you connect the iPhone to your computer and then open iTunes. A symbol that is for your iPhone appears in upper-left corner. Click it to display the summary of your device.

In the backups section, you’ll see dates and times of your most recent backup that was made to your computer.

If it was prior to the time that you erased the thread, it’s because it’s got it. Select the Restore Backup option in the Manually Backup and Restore section to restore the backup with the original data.

Recovering a deleted iMessage thread may not be an easy task however, it’s possible. If you don’t wish to restore your phone to a backup You can also test various third-party applications to retrieve your message thread. For messages that are normal it is also possible to attempt to contact your phone service provider to retrieve your messages returned.