How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

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How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

Learn how you can learn how to Shuffleboard in iMessage and experience the nostalgic and excitement digitally.

Shuffleboard has been among the most popular games for quite a long period of. It was initially played on a floor that later evolved into a the tabletop version, and now in the age of digital the game has also jumped on the digital bandwagon.

It is interesting to note that Shuffleboard can also be played in the form of an iMessage game that we all are aware is a lot of enjoyable to play, and, above all, really appreciates your time and convenience, meaning you can enjoy every moment of fun without affecting your productivity in the slightest.

But, before you dive in the Messages app on your iPhone to play playing Shuffleboard with your close and beloved ones, there’s an important thing you must take first.

Install Shuffleboard Using the iMessage App Store

To play iMessage games, Shuffleboard is not available as a stand-alone app. Therefore, in order to play Shuffleboard you will need to download the GamePigeon app available on the iMessage app store, which includes a variety of games, including Shuffleboard.

To start, open the app ‘Messages’ on the home screen of the iOS device.

Click on one of the conversations that are already visible in the Messages app’s screen.

Then, click on the gray-colored “App Store” icon that is located below the message box that appears on the screen. Then, you will see all App Store options at the lower right-hand side of the screen.

Then, click on the blue colored icon ‘App Store’ that is now visible on the app bar in your screen. This will open the iMessage store as an overlay on your screen.

From your overlay, click on the search icon located in the top right corner of the window.

Then enter game pigeon into the field provided, and then tap on the search button located in the lower right corner of the keyboard on your screen.

Then, find the tile ‘Game Pigeon’ and then click the button ‘Get’ next to it. You will then be required to login with App Store App Store to verify your purchase. Do it by providing your preferred method to authenticate.

NOTE: If the ‘GamePigeon was purchased through your account, you’ll be able to see a ‘Cloud with downward Arrow’ icon instead of the button ‘Get.

You can play a game of Shuffleboard with your contacts

After you have installed Shuffleboard on your iPhone, you can play Shuffleboard onto your iPhone It’s time to play playing Shuffleboard using any of your friends.

Then, open the Messages app on the home screen of the iOS device.

Tap to start the conversation head you want to play Shuffleboard with in the app ‘Messages’.

If you want to begin an entirely new conversation Click on the new conversation’s icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the Messages app’s screen.

When you’re within the chat view, you can scroll down to find the ‘Game Pigeon icon in the drawer of apps and tap it to reveal the complete game list.

Then, you can tap to select the icon ‘Shuffleboard’ from the options grid that appear on the screen.

Then, click on the option ‘Map 1’ located under the ‘Game Mode’ section. Map 2 as well as Map 3′ can be unlocked only if you download an upgrade version paid for by the application.

Add an email if you want to add it in the area provided. Click on the “Send” option to invite the preferred person to join a game.

Once you’ve sent an invitation to play your contacts, they are able to simply begin the game by pressing the game tile and taking their turn.

NOTE: The person you invite to the game must also install the GamePigeon app for the game ‘Shuflleboard’.

Once the other player has had their turn, you have to decide on the direction and then take your ball across the table. Pay attention to that the number on your board. This represents the amount of points you earn when your puck is placed within that area.

To accomplish this, place the puck along the slider until you have set the shooting position by moving your fingers in either direction.

Then, move your finger in the direction of north relative to the puck in order to boost the power of your shot. Also, move your fingers in the opposite direction to determine the trajectory that the puck will follow.

After you’ve set the direction and power to shoot the puck, press the button ‘Launch’ in the lower right-hand corner on your display.

After you have shot the first shot, you’ll have to turn to shoot again. Set the trajectory, location and power of your puck , and then shoot away.

To gain more points and make the opponent fall, could also shoot the puck with a manner that moves your opponent’s puck across a higher point section to the lower section of the board.

Tips: Do this when you are on the final round to ensure that your opponent is unable to move the pucks following.

There will be three rounds of 3 attempts each, and the player with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winning player of the match.

Turn Sound & Music On/Off For Shuffleboard

Although the sound effects or music of the Shuffleboard game are minimal, they’re is not distracting at all. If you do want to shut it off it is important to be aware of which direction to go.

To do this, on your Shuffleboard Game screen click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Then, press the button ‘Music’ to disable the game’s music. If you’d prefer to also turn off the sound effects in-game then tap the ‘Sound’ button enable it.

You can also alter your character’s appearance, including hair, facial expressions, clothing, eyewear, and headwear and more with the options for customization that are located above the music and sound options.