How to Play Reversi on iMessage

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How to Play Reversi on iMessage

Enjoy Reversi using iMessage with your colleagues on iPhone and enjoy the game by thinking strategically and rationally.

Reversi is among the games from the 19th century that was based on logic and strategic thinking. Although it’s played on a board however, it was not able to get on the digitization bus . Due to that, the game can be played on an iPhone with your close and dear ones through iMessage.

But, remember the fact that you, ( you and your opponent) must download the app on your iPhone through using the iMessage App Store; but don’t let it bring your spirits down since it’s not that difficult.

So, without further chatter Let’s begin by the game Reversi on your costly phone.

Agenda in a Game of Reversi

Reversi is easy to play, however it is difficult to master. Each player is obliged to put the discs in the appropriate color in the game board. If a player puts discs in a way that it covers the discs of their opponent with a straight line, the color will change onto the discs belonging to that opponent who is surrounded by the other discs.

The capture of discs is possible vertically, horizontally, or diagonally with a straight line across the board. The game is over when there are no more moves on the board. The player with the most discs on the board win the game.

Tips: Try to occupy the corners and blocks at edge of board in order to increase the chance of winning the game, since these areas can flip the maximum number of discs.

Download Reversi to your iMessage Store

Before you dive in playing Reversi and display your strategy to your pals, you’ll must download Reversi via the store for iMessage to your iPhone together with the person you want to play the game with.

Then, you must start the app ‘Messages’ on your iPhone or from your home screen, or from your app’s library.

Open any conversation head within the messaging app, and then tap the gray-colored icon of the App Store at the bottom of the screen.

Then, click on the blue-colored App store button to launch to the iMessage App Store.

Then you type Reversi into the search bar, then tap on the search button located in the right-hand side on the keyboard. From the results of your search, find the game ‘Black vs. White’ game and click on the ‘Get’ button . This will download the game to your smartphone.

Play a game of reverse with your contact

After you and your rival are both downloading the application to both phones, it’s time to begin the strategic planning process.

To begin an activity, go to the ‘Messages’ application on the home screen or the app library on your iPhone.

Tap on the head of conversation of the person you want to play the game with. If not, tap on the “compose message” icon to open an online conversation with the person.

On the chat screen, scroll down the app’s bottom line from right to left until you find the ‘Black vs. White app. Then, tap it to open. It will display a pop-up display on the screen.

Then, in the pop-up window, click the button ‘New Game’ to continue.

Then, black discs will take the first turn If you’re assigned black discs, tap on the spaces that are available to move across the board (marked by an outlined circle) to start your turn, and then tap on the ‘Send’ button in order to transmit the text.

Then, it’s your opponent’s turn to put your disc onto the table. If they are able to flip your disc back to their own color, they will have one more chance to play.

When there are no more moves remaining on the board, the player with the highest discs on the board will be declared the winner.

That’s all there is to it practice your thinking skills and strategic abilities by playing Reversi with your loved ones and friends.