How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

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How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

A perfect game for those who enjoy a game with a sense of excitement over a solitary one any day.

The board game of old Gomoku isn’t just a game played across the Orient. The abstract strategy game is adored by all of the Occident too. If you’re not aware of this game and you’re about to be in for an experience. If you’re thinking they’ll need to wait to play with their pals until the whole’social distancing’ issue has settled down and we can put those naive notions to put to.

Apple users can play Gomoku with friends via iMessage. In case you’ve not played games with iMessage before, we suggest it’s a double delight! The games you can play on iMessage are much more enjoyable than traditional games played online. It’s not necessary to wait around for another player to join the game Start a game and the other player is able to play whenever they are able to.

Another benefit of games played over iMessage can be that it doesn’t need to complete the entire game in one sitting. Simply start playing when you have free time. The other player will take the same approach. Every game iMessage is delivered as a message, so you can access the message, check out what the other player has been playing, take your turn, then send the message whenever you want. It’s that simple. Let’s start!

How to Get Gomoku in iMessage

To play Gomoku within iMessage it is necessary install the game in the Messages application. The games can be play within iMessage but not standalone applications on your device.

Visit your Messages application in your iPhone and then open the iMessage chat thread. You can either open an existing chat or create with a brand new one.

Tap the “App Drawer icon to the left side of the messaging textbox.

The choices for iMessage apps will be displayed below. Click on the App Store button to access to the App Store.

Then, tap the ‘Search’ icon to look up the game ‘GamePigeon”. If you try searching for Gomoku rather than GamePigeon, then you’re likely to come with nothing. GamePigeon is an assortment of games for two players within iMessage which offers Gomoku as well as other games such Mancala and 8-ball pool and so on. Under their umbrella.

Click the ‘Get’ option to include GamePigeon to the list of your iMessage applications.

How to Play Gomoku

Now that you have the game installed on your smartphone It’s time to start the business of playing the game. After you’ve installed the app close your App Store and then return to your App Drawer. Swipe left to go to the icons to the right, then tap the icon that says ‘GamePigeon’.

All games available will be displayed. Click the thumbnail to play Gomoku.

The game will be loaded into the textbox for messages. Click the “Send” button to send out the game invitation. The other player will be able to get to play on at the beginning of their turn when they decide to participate in a game.

Game Rules

The iMessage game is comprised of a 12×12-sized board as well as sets of white and black stones. The player 1 receives the black stones by default. The two players alternate turns to put stones of their respective colors at the intersection between the tile. The goal for the game is have five stones in a row across the table.

To start your turn, put your stone at the intersection and then press the ‘Send’ button on the right. You can alter the position of your stone as many times before you send your move to your opponent. However, once you press the “Send” button, you can’t alter it, you can say that it is fixed in stone.

The first player to have five stones in a row on the table, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, wins. In addition to attempting to achieve your five successive stones across the table, you must also block the stones of your opponent from creating patterns that win. Once you have the fundamentals of the game down it’s time to plan your strategies to be successful.

Hot Tips: The player who has the first turn typically has an advantage that boosts the odds of beating the other player. If you’re looking to play a game of Gomoku the first method you could employ is to ask your friend to give you an invitation to the game to give you your first chance to win!

Gomoku is certain to be an enjoyable pastime to you as well as your pals in which you’ll need to use only the appropriate quantity of the brain, not so excessively that it begins to appear like a chore, or too little that you begin to feel bored. What are you waiting on?