How to Play Four in a Row on iMessage

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How to Play Four in a Row on iMessage

Have fun playing the classic Four-in-a-row game in iMessage with your pals.

iMessages allow users to talk with their loved ones immediately it also lets you play games that are fun to play with. One of the most popular games is called ‘Four in a Row’.

“Four in a row” is a digital version of the Connect Four game that has been played for decades. If you’re familiar to the sport, then you are aware of how fun it can be and what a an excellent way to play when you have some free time.

But, the game “Four in a Row” isn’t a standalone application on the iMessage Store. Therefore, you’ll need download the GamePigeon application, which hosts a variety of games, and includes the ‘Four in a Row’ game.

If you’re new to play the game, we must first know how the game functions.

Understanding the Game of Four in a Row

Four is a game, like the name implies is a straightforward game in which you align four similar colored discs in rows. The row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The discs won’t be blocked by any other color.

The game is played in which every player has a single turn, and they must put their discs on the grid. the player who makes the first row with four discs wins the game. Therefore, to improve your chances of be successful, make sure that you stop your opponent from making the row.

A row of four, similar to Connect Four is easy to comprehend, simple to master, and enjoyable to play with your friends.

Once you have a better understanding of what the game is, we can find out what you can do to play and download the game on iMessage with your close and beloved ones.

Install the GamePigeon App for the iPhone through the iMessage App Store

As we mentioned previously, as the ‘Four in a Row game isn’t available as an individual app in the iMessage store, you’ll have install the GamePigeon application that hosts the game as well as other games to play the game using your friends.

To start first, you must open the app ‘Messages’ on your iPhone or from your home screen, or from your app’s library.

After that, you can open any conversation head within the messaging app.

Then, click on the gray-colored App Store icon and you will be able to access your iMessage App Store in an overlay window that appears on your screen.

From your overlay, click on the icon ‘Search’ located in the top right corner of the window.

Then, enter GamePigeon into the search bar, then click on the Search button located in the right-hand side on the keyboard.

Then, find the tile ‘Game Pigeon’ and then click the button ‘Get’ next to it. You will then be required to login with App Store App Store to verify your purchase. Do it by providing your preferred method to authenticate.

NOTE: If the ‘GamePigeon was already purchased through your account You will see an ‘Cloud with an arrow downwards icon instead of the button ‘Get.

Have a Go at a game that involves Four at a Time Using your Contacts

After you and the person you want to play the game with have downloaded the GamePigeon application on their respective smartphones and are now ready to play a game quickly.

To begin a game with one of your friends, open the Messages app on the home screen of the iOS device.

Tap to start the conversation head you want to play ‘Four in a row’ in the app ‘Messages. If not, tap the ‘Compose message’ button to create a new message.

When you’re within the chat view, you can scroll down to find the GamePigeon icon in the app drawer, and then tap it to open the complete game list.

Then, you can select the ‘Four in a Row Tile from the options grid that are displayed on your screen.

Then, you can add an email if you want to add it in the area provided, and then hit the “Send” button to invite the person you want to play an online game.

Once you’ve sent an invitation to play your contacts, they are able to start playing by pressing the game tile and taking their turn.

After the opponent has finished their turn, you’ll be required to tap on the grid to drop the disc of your choice. After it is dropped, hold and press the disc, then drag over the grid, repositioning it in the manner you prefer. For confirmation of your movement, press the button ‘Send’ in the lower part in the screen.

The goal is to ensure that you are able to get four discs in a row but also making sure that your opponent does not get it done by putting your discs between the simultaneous discs in the game board.

If any player has accumulated four discs in succession and is declared the winner of the match.

Turn Sound & Music On/Off for Four in a Row

There’s a chance that you don’t want hearing the uplifting background music while playing the game, or prefer to play your own music while winning back-to-back games. To achieve this, you must be aware of the best places to turn on the music and the sound off or on in the game.

To get started, on your Four on a Row game, click on the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Then, press the button ‘Music’ to disable the game’s music. If you’d prefer to also turn off the sound effects in-game then tap the ‘Sound’ button enable it.

You can also alter your character’s appearance, including hair, facial expressions, clothing, eyewear, and headwear and more with the options for customization that are located above the music and sound options.

Here’s to you I hope this guide will help you win the ‘Four in a row game with your near and beloved ones on iMessage.