How to Play Filler on iMessage

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How to Play Filler on iMessage

Play Filler games on iMessage to your friends and beat boredom by having amusement.

Filler is a great game that will keep you entertained There are various versions of the game available on the internet, but the basic concept is the exact same. Like the name implies, you must capture as many colored boxes in the grid you can by changing colors in order to be the winner of the game.

The player who has the most than the number of color boxes wins the game in the final game. But there’s much more in filler Filler game than appears to be and, just as any other good game, it’s simple enjoyable, entertaining, and simple to play, but it takes some time and effort to learn.

For iOS, Filler is not accessible directly on the iMessage AppStore. Therefore, you’ll need install an app called ” GamePigeon” application that offers a variety of games, including the Filler game to play with your close and beloved ones.

Get GamePigeon on the iMessage AppStore

The process of downloading an app isn’t an issue. But, in this case, you have to download the application via the iMessage AppStore, there are additional steps to follow.

Then, you must open the Messages app from your home screen or the app library on your iPhone.

Tap on one of the heads in conversation to continue.

Then, tap the gray-colored AppStore icon to open all the iMessage applications.

Then, click on”App Store” in blue. AppStore icon in order to launch the App Store. AppStore.

Then, tap to search, and enter GamePigeon and then click the search button in the lower right corner of the on-screen screen to find the application.

After that, in the results of your search, tap on the “Get” or the cloud icon to start the installation on your iPhone.

Start an online game of Filler with a Contact on your iPhone

If you and the person with whom you want to Filler together have installed the GamePigeon application on both of your iPhones It’s time to make your boring day more enjoyable.

To begin an activity, go to the ‘Messages’ application on the home screen or the app library on your iPhone.

Then, tap the head of conversation for the person you want to play the game with. If not, tap the “compose message” icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Then, you can scroll from left to right in the app bar at the lower right of the screen. Then click on the Game Pigeon’ icon. This will open an open window that will appear on your screen.

Find the game tile ‘Filler’ and tap on it to choose the game.

After that, press the button ‘Send’ to allow your opponent to take the first turn in the game.

When you begin the game, you begin with the corner tile. To move on and collect more tiles, you’ll be required to choose a color from the palette at the bottom section of the game’s screen. Once you have selected a color, it will automatically join the tiles of homogenous colors together right away.

NOTE: You cannot select the color that your opponent currently is using, nor can you decide to remain on that color.

To be successful in the game it is important to plan your movements and take the blocks. The player with the highest amount of blocks will win the game.

Tips: You can also stop your opponent from capturing additional boxes by changing the colors of your opponent’s best move.

Turn Sound or Music On/Off for Filler

Although the music and sound effects in Filler are minimal, they’re are not distracting in any way. But, there are situations where you have to turn off the sound completely; If the need arises you’ll know which direction to go.

To disable audio for Filler on the game’s screen, click on the gear icon located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Then, press the button ‘Music’ to disable the game’s music. If you’d prefer to also turn off the sound effects in the game then tap the ‘Sound’ button enable it.

You can also alter your character’s appearance, such as facial expressions, hairstyles eyes, headwear, clothes, and more by using the options for customization right above the music and sound options.

That’s all there is to it, folks now you can ensure that you get something to do during the boring moments of your day.