How to Play Crazy 8 on iMessage

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How to Play Crazy 8 on iMessage

You can play a game called Crazy 8 with your near and dear ones via iMessage.

Crazy 8 is one of the classic games that you may remember from your youth. In fact, if you’ve been longing for that dose of nostalgia and would like you could play Crazy 8 with your near and close ones, iMessage has provided you with the best.

Because the game isn’t available as a standalone application You will have to download the GamePigeon application you to enjoy the game since it includes included the Crazy 8 game along with other games.

It is possible to be literally two miles apart on Earth however, you are able to enjoy Crazy 8 with another person on your iPhone. However, you must should have 3 or more players including you to be able to play the game because that’s required to have the players needed for the sport.

For the generation ‘Z’ and millennials, Crazy 8 functions a lot similar to UNO however, it also comes with its own set of rules and rules. Therefore, prior to diving into playing Crazy 8, let’s go through a refresher about how the game plays.

Agenda of Crazy 8 Game

As we mentioned previously, Crazy 8 works a similar to UNO because the primary objective for the game is cut the number of cards in your hand to zero. The first player to achieve this is the winner. However, Crazy 8 can be played using a 52-card deck. normal playing cards.

In a game like Crazy 8, each player has at least seven cards in their hands. The remaining pack is put aside, and one of the cards from the undealt pack is placed in the center of the table. The player taking the next turn will require a play that is of the same color or number from their hand cards (For e.g. If the card in the table is a seven from yellow, then the following player will be able to play any yellow-colored card or any color that matches the number seven).

The name implies the ‘Eight’ card is played at any point by a player . The person who plays the card has to choose which suit to play which must be followed by the player who is playing.

If an ‘Eight’-colored card is placed on at the top, the following player has to choose either an ‘Eight’-themed card of any suit , or a suit that is declared by the player who played the “Eight” card. There are other specific cards that are part of the game called ‘Crazy 8’.

Special Cards are Skip Reverse, Draw 2 and Crazy Draw 4 They perform precisely what their name implies. If you throw the skip card the following player is unable to play for one turn. If you throw a reverse cards is released,, the change in the turn’s rotation shifts from anti-clockwise to clockwise or reverse. If one player is throwing an draw two card the following player must pick up two of the stock of undealt. The final but certainly not least the Crazy Draw 4. which can be played with any card, and allows players to alter the color, and also make the next player draw four cards from the pile of undealt and take their turns.

Remember that you can always defend yourself by holding the draw 2, or a crazy Draw 4 card and then transfer it to the next player during your turn, if the player before you throws the cards.

Once you’re familiar with the rules for the game, we’ll dive into the game with your friends via iMessage. Since the game isn’t available as an independent application, you’ll need to download the GamePigeon application on the iMessage store, which includes an app that includes the Crazy 8 game along with other games.

Download Crazy 8 from the iMessage App Store

The process of downloading an app is not an issue, but there are a few additional steps to follow when downloading the application through the iMessage Store.

To access this, go to the app ‘Messages’ on your home screen, or from the app library on your iPhone.

After that, select a conversation head in the screen of the app ‘Messages.

Then, tap the gray-colored “App Store” icon in the bottom of the screen. This will reveal the iMessage store bar.

Then, click on the blue-colored “App Store’ icon. This will open up the iMessage Store as an overlay window that appears on your screen.

Then, tap the search icon located on the upper right-hand corner in the window overlay. Then enter GamePigeon. After that, tap the search button in the lower right corner of the keyboard on screen.

Find the GamePigeon tile, and then tap”Get” or “cloud icon’ button for the application to be downloaded onto your iPhone by giving your preferred method of authentication.

Start a game of Crazy 8 with your contacts

After you and your players are all downloaded,, you can start playing via the Messages application. But, be aware that Crazy 8 requires at least three participants (including you) to play.

To begin an activity, go to the ‘Messages’ application on the home screen or the app library on your iPhone.

Then, press the ‘Compose a new message Click to start an entirely new group chat in the event that Crazy 8 requires at least three players to play.

The next page will prompt you to type in or choose minimum two contact, then tap the GamePigeon icon in the iMessage app bar that is located on top of the keyboard on screen. This will open an overlay on your screen.

Find the tile ‘Crazy 8’ on the grid and tap it to launch the game.

After that, press the “Send” button to forward the game to your chosen contacts via iMessage.

Then, tap the game tile within the chat thread to launch the game’s screen. Then, each participant must hit the button ‘Ready’ to begin the game. When all players are joined and click on the “Ready” button on their screen The game will begin.

When the game begins you’ll be able to see the seven cards you have in your hands displayed on the screen. Alongside the first card from the pile of undealt. The current turn of the participant will also be highlighted by the spotlight shining on their avatar.

When it’s the turn of you, click on the appropriate card according to the card at the top of the pile to move on. It is also possible to observe the current direction of players’ turns highlighted by white arrows that are on the board.

If you choose the card from the Crazy Draw series or Crazy 8 card, you’ll be required to choose a color you want to switch it to by pressing one of the options on the screen.

That’s all there is to it, you need to clear of all the cards you have in your hands faster than everyone other players and you’ll be the winner of the game.