How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

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How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

Everything you must be aware of when the game 8 Ball Pool on iMessage with your colleagues on iPhone.

Everyone loves playing pool with 8 balls, it’s a great game that requires you to be precise and precise, along with a bit of planning to get ahead of your opponents. There are many games available on the iMessage store that you can play, but nothing beats the old-fashioned games.

For those who aren’t familiar As the name implies, eight Ball Pool is played with eight balls that are divided into two groups: Solids and stripes. The player who pockets the first ball must remain with the same group for the duration of the game. take all the balls out prior to your opponent.

Additionally, if you strike the ball of your opponent with the cue ball, it’s considered to be a violation, and the opponent is able to put the ball on the board wherever they want. The player who is the first to collect all their balls is the winner of the game. Therefore, with no further delay we’ll take a look at how to take part in 8 Ball Pool on iMessage.

Download and Install 8 Ball Pool Using iMessage Store

To get to play the 8 Ball Pool game, you’ll need to download the GamePigeon application, which includes a variety of games, including 8 Ball Pool.

To start, open the app ‘Messages’ on the home screen of the iOS device.

Tap on any conversation head that is in the ‘Messages’ app.

Then, tap on the gray-colored ‘App Store’ icon that is located at the bottom on the display.

Then, tap the blue-colored “App Store” icon that appears on the bar of apps for iMessage to launch the app store within the form of an overlay.

From your overlay, simply click on the icon ‘Search’ in the upper right corner.

Then enter game pigeon into the search box, then click the search button in the lower right edge of the keyboard.

Then, click the button ‘Get’ on the tile ‘GamePigeon. After that, you must provide the details to the Apple ID using your preferred method for authentication.

NOTE: If the ‘GamePigeon was purchased through your account, you’ll be able to see a ‘Cloud with downward Arrow’ icon instead of the button ‘Get.

Begin with a game of 8 Ball Pool with your Contacts

After you’ve installed the GamePigeon app for the iOS device, it’s now time to play playing with one of your loved ones.

To start, open the app ‘Messages’ on the home screen of the iOS device.

Tap on the chat head that belongs to the player you want to play the game with. If not, tap the ‘Compose’ icon in the upper right corner of the app ‘Messages’.

When you’re within the chat view find the app bar at the right side of your keyboard. Scroll to the side. After that, tap the GamePigeon icon to show the games available.

Then, select the “8 Ball option from the grid on the screen.

Then, choose your game’s mode of play by pressing any of the choices present under the section ‘GAME MODE. The ‘8 Ball’ selection is the standard game mode, while the “8 Ball+” mode simply increases the number of balls you play with to give you more time to play.

Then, select the difficulty level you prefer. The normal option will show you with a predicted direction for the ball you attempt to hit, whereas the difficulty level ‘Hard’ does not provide aim assistance.

You can also personalize the cue sticks by tapping the tile ‘CUSTOMIZE’ next to the game mode section. But, most of the options are only available to be obtained by buying the app through in-app purchases.

Write an email if you want to, and then tap the “Send” button to invite your friend to join an 8 Ball game. Pool’.

Because the invitation was made through you, person who received it is entitled to their turn on the very first day.

After your opponent has finished your turn, click on the tile ‘YOUR MOVE’ to begin your turn.

Then, move your finger in a diagonal direction across the screen until you are able to ensure that the cue ball with the ball you want to target. Then, tap the cue ball image located on the right side on the board. This will cause the cue ball image to appear as an overlay on your screen.

Then, tap the cue ball to alter the direction of the cue on the ball, which is indicated by the red dot. This allows you to gain greater control over the cue ball after you’ve hit it. To stop you from the game, simply tap anywhere in the display.

Find the icon ‘cue stick’ located on the left side on the board. Then, hold the icon and tap your fingers downwards to alter the power of the shot. Release the stick when you have reached the ready to take your shot.

When player pockets one ball, the players will have their own ball group to pocket. The type of your group will be shown under the icon of your player.

If you strike the ball of your opponent, you’ll be able to see a cross-mark that indicates that it’s not in your pocket.

If your opponent is found to be in foul in their turn, either by striking the balls in your group or by putting the cue ball in a pocket ball, you will receive the cue ball back in your hand, this basically means that you are able to decide where you want to put the cue ball to play the next round.

Additionally, if during the game, any player pocket the “8” (black) ball, even in indirect ways, they instantly lose, while the other takes the lead in the game.

The player who is the fastest to bag all of their group balls wins the game.

Turn Sound and Music On/Off for 8 Ball Pool

The sound and music in games are an integral component of every game. However when you’re in a public setting and don’t have headphones in hand, the people who are around will appreciate your not letting the sound come from your mobile.

To do this, on your 8 Ball Pool game screen Click on the gear icon that is located in the left-hand corner of the screen.

After that, press the button ‘Music’ to disable the game’s music. Then, tap the ‘Sound’ button in order to disable the sound effects, too.

You can also alter the appearance of your character, such as hairstyles, facial expressions, glasses, headwear and more with the customizable options located over the ‘Sound’ and Music’ controls.