How to Mark iMessage as Unread

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How to Mark iMessage as Unread

It is not possible to mark messages as not read within messages in the Messages application on iPhone. However, you can do it alternatively.

There are a lot of messages every day and we don’t wish to respond to every single one of them. If you’re busy or not feeling like responding right now Everyone has their own reasons. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself opening a message by accident or without your own choice. You’re now looking to mark it as not read to be able to remember to respond to it in the future.

However, despite the rumors of the feature being added to iOS 14 however, it’s not yet a part of iOS. Instead, it was replaced by the pinning feature which is useful by itself. However, many users were dissatisfied by the outcome.

The option to mark messages as unread is a popular choice for many people. While it doesn’t convert to the state of the email to not read (if you’ve read receipts on) but that’s not the purpose. Apart from reminding you to respond on messages you receive, it can make use of it to mark conversations so that you can refer to the conversations.

There is a possibility for you to label an email as not read however there are some ways to keep in mind the message in the same way as if the message had not been read.

Forward the Message to Yourself

You can also forward the message you’d like to keep reminding yourself of to yourself. For forwarding the text, simply tap then hold down the text. A few options will appear beneath the message. Click the “More” option.

After that, tap the “Forward” option at the lower-right edge of your screen.

Input your contact information in the “To” section then forward your message.

The message you send to yourself will not be read and serves as an opportunity to remind yourself of the initial message that you must respond to.

Ask Siri to Remind You

While you can manually set an appointment but asking Siri to set it for you is much simpler and faster. The idea of having to create a reminder on your own is inefficient however, you can add Siri into the equation, and you’ve got an easy solution.

If the message is still open, you can call Siri by pressing the home button, or by saying “Hey, Siri’. After that, you can say ‘Remind me of this in one hour’, or any other period of time you wish to decide.

A reminder of your message is set and you’ll receive an email when the timer expires.

As we are waiting for Apple to bring this feature on iOS but you don’t need to sit around waiting. Instead of ignoring to respond to messages and causing issues that it will create you, try these solutions to keep track of all your messages.