How to Make Your Messages say iMessage in Notifications on iPhone

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How to Make Your Messages say iMessage in Notifications on iPhone

Make sure your messages are private and avoid spilling any unneeded tea!

Do you not dislike it when your phone spills tea that you did not want to spill? Sure it does! There’s nothing more annoying than receiving an email at the same time that another person is using your phone. Even if they’re not those who are snoopy there is a chance that they could be not reading the message correctly from the lock screen are quite high.

In the event that you do not want this to occur to you, there’s an option. All notifications sent by the messages app will instead read “iMessage” or “Message” and the sender’s name and not the entire message. The contents of your messages remain private.

Hiding Message Previews

All you need to do to safeguard your privacy is to block message previews. Start your Settings application on your iPhone and then tap on ‘Notifications’.

Scroll down until you come across the option to open the ‘Messages App.

In the Messages settings, select the option ‘Show Previews’.

The setting currently will show “Always”. There are two options to select from in its place.

If you want to block the previews of messages while the phone’s in a locked state, select the “When Unlocked’ option. The notification will show iMessage even if the phone has been locked. However, once you unlock it with FaceID or TouchID it will show the preview of your message.

If you wish to block the preview of messages from notifications regardless of whether your handset is secured or not choose “Never”.

It’s not it? There’s no chance of causing tensions among your friends and there’s no chance that your personal privacy is violated. You can also hide the previews of all your notifications, and not only the Messages app If you wish.