How to Make iMessage Dark Blue

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How to Make iMessage Dark Blue

Change the appearance of your iMessages completely using this hack.

iMessage is among the first apps that users use when switching to iOS and it’s not surprising that they do as. In addition to the many options iMessage provides, the visual it provides is quite captivating. The blue hue that is available in iMessages has always been a popular choice.

Have you ever thought to alter the blue bubbles’ color? Perhaps you’ve seen it on another’s iPhone and are now thinking if it really was an entirely different hue than the blue bubbles you’ve seen, or if you were simply misinformed?

Well, you weren’t mistaken. You can change the hue of the iMessage bubbles from a lighter blue to darker and more dark blue. By using a quick hack you can alter colors of the bubbles in iMessage on your iPhone.

Furthermore, it not only alters the color of your iMessage bubbles, but also the bubbles that you use for standard messages. When the iMessage bubbles turn dark blue when you change this setting the SMS bubbles change to dark green instead of their usual lime green hue. The grey hue of your messages will be a more subtle darker grey.

Changing the iMessage Bubble Color

Go to your iPhone settings and then go to Accessibility.

Then, click on ‘Display and Text Size’ from the accessibility options.

In the Display and text size settings switch on the toggle to increase Contrast’.

The iMessage bubbles will change to darker blue. A higher contrast ratio is thought to be better and you can switch this option on to reap its advantages if you like it, but not just for its appearance.

NOTE: This trick may affect other colors or text displayed on your phone since this setting can increase the contrast of colors between apps background and foreground colors.

If staring to the exact blue hue is getting boring and you want to change things up, or prefer this hue This simple trick can totally change the appearance of your messages on iMessages. With a simple off switch, you can change back to the standard blue color at any time you want.