How to Loop a Video on iPhone

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How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Videos that loop in a flash to increase the enjoyment.

If you’re planning to post videos on your social media platform You might want to loop the video. Looping videos makes them endlessly enjoyable. Although Instagram might have been the first to introduce it, it’s now an integral feature in numerous applications.

If you’re thinking about looping a video directly out of your Photos application on your iPhone You’re likely to face some disappointment. There’s no looping feature for your videos within the Photos app on the iPhone. If you think you’ve seen it there’s a good news story to share with you. You can play Live photos on iPhone and they’re quite different from video. There’s no reason to give up your arms just yet. What do we say constantly? ” Where there’s a will, there’s an app.” For certain, there are a lot of apps available on the App Store to loop videos.

To be sure to be safe, let us walk you through looping live photos and also making use of a third-party application to loop videos. Let’s get started with this.

Looping a Live Photo

Live Photos might look similar to photographs, but they’re not actually photographs. They’re tiny videos. If you decide to take a live picture, iPhone captures the additional moments that occurred 1.5 seconds prior to and after the event. What we receive is a 3 second video. Because it’s a video that loops, it is possible to play it.

Start the Photos app and then go to the tab ‘Albums’.

Go to “Live Photos Then, select ‘Live Photos’ from Media Types.

Open the live image you wish to loop. Tap the image if there aren’t any options in the display. After that, tap the Live option at the top left edge of your screen.

There are a few options that will appear. If you wish for the video to simply play as a loop, i.e it begins when it is finished and continues to play in an uninterrupted loop, click the button for “Loop”.

If you’d like to experience the effect of a boomerang on Instagram click the Bounce option instead. The video will loop to play in both directions.

Then, you can upload it to social media and it will appear as a video, whereas a live image doesn’t.

Looping a Video

You can download an app that is a third-party application from the App Store or you could make use of Boomerang for looping your video.

Using Boomerang for Looping Videos

Boomerang can be utilized as a separate application or within Instagram the app itself. The majority of us use Boomerang to create a particular movie with a loop effect. However, you can also make use of it to loop existing videos and live images using your iPhone.

We’ll use the Boomerang feature within the Instagram application for this tutorial However, you could also install and use the standalone application. Start the Instagram application from your iPhone and sign in to your account.

After that, move your finger to the left from your feed or tap the icon ‘+’ at the top-right of the screen, and then choose the option ‘Story’.

To turn an existing live image to a boomerang, swipe it up from the Story screen to reveal the photos from your camera roll.

Tap the Recent option for switching to the Live Photos album instead. After that, select ‘Live Photos in the album options. So, you will be able to locate the live image quickly. It is possible to bypass this step if the live image you want to transform into a boomerang was taken recently.

The live photos will display the boomerang icon in thumbnails. Click the image to open it.

The live image will be loaded onto the screen for story. Then, hold and tap anywhere on the screen, or click the ‘Boomerang’ icon (Infinity symbol) to transform it to the boomerang.

You can either save the video loop onto your roll of cameras, or upload it to the Instagram story or with your friends. To save the video onto your camera roll simply tap the three dots menu located at the top right corner and then select ‘Save’.

Similar to how we select the live image you can also select any video already in your camera roll. There is only one difference that when you loop a video using Boomerang, there’s a limit in the duration. It is only possible to transform a tiny portion of the video to the boomerang. Choose the video from your camera roll, then tap the “Boomerang” icon.

Select the portion of the video that you want to transform into a boomerang by moving the slider to the lower left. Click ‘Apply’ once you’ve selected the video part.

You can also select choices like Classic Echo, ‘Slo-mo as well as ‘Duo effects to your Boomerang. Select the appropriate option at the lower left corner on the display.

Tap ‘Done” in the upper-right corner the screen.

The video will be transformed into the form of a boomerang that you can either put in your camera roll or post via Instagram.

Make use of Boomerang Maker available on the App Store

If you’d like to loop a full video and not just a small part of it like Boomerang does, you could make use of one of the numerous applications available on the App Store. We tested a handful of these applications including Looper, Loop Videos, and Boomerang Maker for looping videos. We’ve picked Boomerang Maker for the purpose of this article, because we felt it was the most effective however Loop Videos came in a close second. Each of these apps operates on freemium models, in which certain features are offered free of charge, and you need to pay for expensive features.

Boomerang Maker allows it easy to save and loop your videos. It is also possible to loop your live images by using the application. Visit the App Store and click the “Get” button to download Boomerang Maker.

After that, you can open the application. The first thing you’ll be presented with when you launch the app is to grant it access to the camera roll. You can choose to either “Allow access to all Photos’ or select “Select Photos and choose the videos you wish to grant access to.

Choose the video you wish to loop. Select how long you wish to play. The app allows you to play the entire video at once or cut it down. You can adjust the edges of sliders in order to cut the length, then click Next on the right side of your screen.

Tap the direction you wish for the loop to play in. There’s only one option accessible at no cost. To access the other options you’ll have for an upgrade Pro.

Then, swipe left on the lower portion of the screen to go onto the following option. The slider can be adjusted to speed up or slow to speed up your video.

Swipe again to alter your number of times. One repetition is only accessible for free, however premium users have the option of choosing up to four repetitions.

NOTE: Loop Videos does provide two directions and two repetitions at no cost If you’d like to try it out. However, the experience was not as seamless like Boomerang Maker, hence the choice to use the application for our guide.

Save the video by pressing ‘Save’. the looped footage.

Choose the format you wish to save the file Choose the format you want to save it. You can choose either the format ‘Video’ or ‘GIF’. After that, choose whether you would like to save the image to your gallery or upload it to any Social media site.

If you’re looking to play a looped video or live image There are plenty of choices available. Through third-party applications this task can be completed in only a few minutes.