How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage

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How to Know if You Got Blocked on iMessage

Tips to help you figure out if you’ve been blocked.

Being blocked is a complete suck! There’s no doubt about it. However, if it comes to using iMessage to talk to one person, how do you be sure they’ve actually blocked you, or if it’s simply your mind doing its thing?

While there’s no single thing that can be certain however, there are a few ways to determine the issue, i.e., whether you really were stuck or the person was simply too busy to respond to you.

Verify the status of your iMessage Delivery

Apple’s only Instant Messaging service iMessage comes with a variety of options. The most notable of these happens to include the status of delivery. Every message you send through iMessage includes an delivery status tag attached to it. It informs you whether your message was received. While this message ‘delivered’ appears under the most recent message (and it changes to read if another user has received receipts to read on) It is very useful in determining the status of your blocked account.

If “delivered” is appearing underneath every message you’ve received You can rest assured that the individual hasn’t blocked you.

However, if you notice that the “delivered” tag disappears, it could be reason to be concerned. If someone blocks your number and stops receiving your messages. Your phone won’t be able to inform you that it’s delivered your message.

The messages you sent prior to the time you were blocked may be read i.e. the status could be changed to “Delivered” to “Read”. However, the message you send after being blocked won’t be received by the recipient. The messages you send when you were blocked will not reach the person who blocked you, even after being unblocked.

However, does the absence of “delivered” always mean that you’ve been blocked by the opposing side? Not necessarily. There are other situations in which your iMessages aren’t sent to the person you want them to.

If someone switches between the iPhone and switches to Android without deleting their phone number from the servers of iMessage, their number will show on the iMessages. However, messages you send will not reach the recipient. Hence, no “delivered” tag. It is possible that they are disconnected from the web. What do you do next?

Try Calling Them

iMessage isn’t a standalone application that allows the user to block you. They must block your number completely. This means that when you’re blocked you aren’t able to “not text” them, and you can’t even call them.

If your telephone number has been blocked calling the person will almost immediately forward you to voicemail or to disconnect the call. If they have their voicemail feature enabled, you’ll be capable of leaving an audio message, but it’ll be sent straight into their voicemail box. However, the issue here is that it will go straight to voicemail or being disconnected each time, after not even one call.

Could it be DND?

The call that you receive goes straight to voicemail or being disconnected doesn’t necessarily indicate that you are blocked. The iPhone might be in Do Not Disturb setting. How do you determine that?

The first thing to do is you can call them back within three minutes of the first call. If they have the option for ‘Repeated Calls the phone, then your call will go through.

If it’s not mean you’re blocked, it doesn’t mean that you’re blocked. It could be that they have the setting disabled. You should open your messages again and send them in an iMessage. Even in DND mode the message will be delivered to the person who received it. The person will not receive an email notification.

If your messages aren’t being delivered and your calls aren’t reaching you as well, I’m we’re sorry to inform you that, but the likelihood is that you’ve been blocked by them.

However, don’t dismiss them at this point. It is important to allow the person a bit of time. They might leave the network or have their phone turned off. The same issues will occur, i.e., your messages will not be delivered, and calls will be routed to voicemail. If this goes on for a few days then it’s time to listen to the advice and fix the fence or leave since they’ve most likely blocked your call.