How to Install or Save any Website as an App on iPhone using Safari

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How to Install or Save any Website as an App on iPhone using Safari

With millions of apps available through the App Store, one would think there would be an app to cover every need. However, that’s not always the situation. There are many websites would like to have an app, but do not. The days of fantasizing about apps are gone. Make way for Web Apps!

Utilizing using the Safari browser that you have on your iPhone is a great way to install any app to the home screen. If you find websites that don’t have an app that is specifically designed for it then you can install the app by with Safari. Safari browser that is available on both your iPhone or iPad. You can also substitute certain apps like Facebook and Twitter by using their web-based apps to free up the space you have in your iPhone.

For installing a site as an application, first open your Safari browser in your iPhone. To make this method be effective, you’ll need to start Safari. This won’t work on other browsers, like Chrome on iOS devices.

Enter the URL of the site you wish to make an app and then tap go. When the website is loaded click on the share button located at the lower right on the page.

In the Share menu that appears scroll down until you see an “Add to the Home Screen choice. Click it.

On the next screen on the next page, you will be able to enter the app’s name which will be displayed the home screen. The app will also display the icon that will appear on your home screen and the URL to open it. Click the Addbutton on near the bottom of your screen to complete the procedure.

The site will be accessible via on the main screen of your iPhone. Similar to other apps you have installed on your device.

In the majority of apps that you can tap the app from your homepage screen, the app will launch and function as an app independently of Safari. Certain apps are opened as a new tab within Safari since they’re not designed to be web apps that are progressive.

You can remove websites that are installed as apps just like other apps installed on your iPhone. Hold and tap the icon of the app for a few seconds, and when the icons begin to move, tap the cross button to remove the app.