How to Install Microsoft Edge for Mac and iPhone

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How to Install Microsoft Edge for Mac and iPhone

Installation of Microsoft Edge using this easy to follow guide for your iOS or macOS devices.

Microsoft Edge is an chromium-based web browser like the name implies it comes from Microsoft. It’s also installed on all Windows device. Although Microsoft took its time to incorporate all of the necessary functions It is now on level with its competitors.

Fortunately, in addition to the important functions, Edge also gained cross-platform adaptability. This makes it easier for those who wish to migrate to Windows and Android platforms onto macOS as well as iOS platforms, respectively. It is also an excellent choice for those seeking alternative options to Safari for their Apple Devices

If you recently switched platforms and want to ease the transition or you’d like to look into alternatives for the Safari browser that is already on your device This guide will meet the purpose you want to achieve.

So, with no additional effort we’ll begin by the installation of Microsoft Edge on your iOS and macOS devices.

Download and install Microsoft Edge on your iPhone via the App Store.

Installing an app through the App Store on your iPhone is not an easy task. This is the same the case for Microsoft Edge as well. But, be aware that any extensions you utilize in conjunction with Edge on your computer aren’t available on Edge on mobile devices.

For downloading Edge for your iPhone first, go into the App Store from the home screen or from the app library on your device.

Then, click on the tab ‘Search’ located in the bottom left part of the App Store’s screen.

On the next screen you can type Microsoft Edge in the search bar, then tap the blue-colored “search” button located in the lower-right corner of the keyboard on screen.

Then, from the results of your search, find Microsoft Edge and then open it. After that, click the button ‘Get’ under the app’s name. To begin the download process, verify the purchase of your app using the method you prefer to use for authentication. Be assured that there are no fees to you for the “app purchase.”

And, that’s it. After installation, you’ll see Microsoft Edge’s Microsoft Edge browser on the home screen or in the app library on your device, according to your preferences.

You can sign in using any Microsoft account using the browser. Any saved passwords, favorites, or reading lists linked to the account will be displayed in the mobile app.

Download and install Microsoft Edge on your MacBook

Installing and downloading Microsoft Edge on macOS devices differs than the iOS counterpart. But, this doesn’t translate to the installation being complicated.

For downloading Edge for the macOS device, visit with your favorite browser. After the web page is fully loaded you can click the “Download for macOS the button on the page. It will open an additional overlay window that you can see on your screen.

In the overlay window Select the Version from the overlay window. Select your version of MacBook for the next step. In the event that your macOS device is equipped with the Intel chip, select the “Mac with Intel chip’ button. If not, click the “Mac equipped with Apple chip’ option, in the event that your macOS device is equipped with an M1 chip manufactured by Apple.

Then, click the ‘Accept and download button located in the lower right-hand edge of your overlay. This will begin the download process to your gadget.

After downloading, go into the downloads folder that is default on your computer. Double-click on the .PKG file to remove Edge Installer. Edge Installer.

If your device informs you that the application cannot be opened as it’s not from Apple Click on the OK button to close the message.

Then, you can open the System Preferences application, either directly from the dock or the launchpad on your device to proceed.

On the System Preferences screen, click the Security & Privacy Tile from the options grid.

Then, click the button ‘Open Anyway’ located in the bottom right part of the window. It will open to launch Edge. Edge installer.

In within the Edge installation window, simply click on the button ‘Continue’ in the lower-right corner.

Then, click to select the drive on which you want to download Microsoft Edge from the options available under the ‘Select a Destination’ section. After that, click the Continue button.

On the following screen press the button ‘Install’ at the bottom of the right-hand side.

You’ll be asked to enter the device’s passcode to proceed with the installation. Enter the passcode and then press the “Install Software’ button.

After the installation is completed When the installation is complete, click on the button ‘Close’ in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

Then, a prompt will be displayed on the screen, asking your permission to remove the installer package. Click the ‘Move to Trash’ button to remove this installer program.

That’s all there is to it. Now you can make use of Edge to fulfill all of your browsing requirements using your Mac.

With the latest improvements, Edge has become a excellent browser. Installing Microsoft Edge on your Apple devices isn’t that difficult. Now, you can surf the Internet with the new browser that is available on your device.