How to Fix ‘Tap to Download’ problem in iMessage

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How to Fix 'Tap to Download' problem in iMessage

Don’t let this issue stifle your message experience with iMessage

Sharing images in one breath is one of the most exciting features of the smartphone age. Choose the picture and boom! It’s done. Imagine being denied this gift. “Whoa! What is the reason you would say something like that? ?” > I could think of people who would say this. That is, people who aren’t victim of the ‘Tap to Download’ error in iMessage.

For the rest of you suffered, we are sorry for your. You get the message “Tap to Download’ on a picture and then “tap” to download. However, all it does is display that it’s downloading, but it’s never ever actually downloading any media. This is almost a sexy scenario!

Don’t give up at this point. There are a few easy solutions that you can use to fix this issue.

Log in to the Apple ID using your Apple ID, Again

Perhaps the issue isn’t anything but a damaged file in the iMessage system. It can be resolved by entering and out using the Apple ID. When you sign out of iMessage will delete all the files and then download them again from Apple’s servers. So goodbye corrupted files and welcome photos!

Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone Scroll down to find “Messages”.

Then, tap on ‘Send & Receive’.

Its Apple ID used for iMessage is located on the upper right. Click on it.

A pop-up menu will be displayed in the display. Click on ‘Sign Out’.

Then, click the option ‘Use the Apple ID for iMessage’ to sign in once more.

A pop-up menu will open inviting you to sign in with the Apple ID. Click on Sign in.

You will sign into the Apple ID again. Verify that the issue has been solved. If not, you can try another solution.

Reset Network Settings

If the fix you tried did not work, it’s likely that you have an issue in your network. If this is the case then this fix will resolve your issue.

Go to the settings on your iPhone and then go to General.

Scroll down , and then tap Reset..

Now, tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’.

It will ask you for the passcode for your iPhone. Enter it.

When you have entered your password, a prompt will be displayed on your screen, asking you to confirm. Click on “Reset network settings’, and your phone will reboot.

NOTE: Resetting the network settings will reset all your Wi-Fi and cellular settings, and then restore the default settings to factory defaults. If you’re not sure of the Wi-Fi password you’re currently connected to or any other WiFi security passwords stored on your iPhone you do not want to lose, be careful before you take this action.

In the majority of instances there is a chance that one of the two above methods will almost always work. Request your friend to take a picture and check whether the issue was resolved. If not, then there’s nothing that you can fix on your own. Perhaps it’s your friend who is experiencing a problem with their network, or an issue with Apple’s servers or it could be a glitch in iOS which will be fixed in the next update.