How to Find Old Messages on iPhone without Scrolling

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How to Find Old Messages on iPhone without Scrolling

iPhone keeps all your conversations from the past in Messages until you delete them manually or set the settings that allows them to be deleted automatically after a set time. Therefore, whenever you’d like to look up an older text or iMessage it is possible to read them using your Messages app. However, the idea of scrolling endlessly until you get the message you’re looking for could cause you to shiver, like it does us. There are, however, alternatives to locate old messages on the Messages app that aren’t as snarky.

Get to the top of any Conversation

Start the Messages app on the iPhone Home screen. From all of your conversation threads, click on the conversation with the person whose old messages you wish to go through.

When the conversation has begun, tap at the highest point the screen i.e. the status bar which displays the current time as well as battery status, carrier’s information and so on. Tapping any spot on the bar will be fine, however the most efficient method is to tap in the middle of the bar where you can see the time.

If you own the iPhone X or above, those with an “notch” in the display You can tap the notch, or tapping on both sides of the notch will be equally effective.

When you tap on the top of the page, the conversation will move from the highest point until it’s loaded. There will also be an indicator of progress. Wait for it to disappear and when you see it, press at the top to move the scrolling up further. Repeat this process until you reach the place you’re looking for.

iPhone has been using this trick since the time we couldn’t recall, yet it is able to be overlooked due to its utter simplicity. Do you want to know the secret? This trick is not only available in Messages, but also in every application that runs on the iPhone. It’s not necessary to say thank you!

Find old messages using the Search Option

The first method can be somewhat time-consuming particularly when the message you are trying to locate is old. Another method will find the old message. Visit the Messages app. In the display with all conversation threads, there is an search bar on the right. Click it.

Type in the search string or keywords in the text message you wish to locate within the search field. It is not necessary to enter the entire message if you aren’t sure because the results list will begin to display all messages that contain the keywords you typed in. Results will be shown starting from the oldest to the newest, and then from top to the bottom. Browse through the results of your search and you’ll find the information you were searching for.

However, be prudent. This method only works when you can at least recall some portion or word of the message you’re looking for however, it’s not the entire message. If you aren’t able to recall any of the information you’re trying to locate then scrolling up to the top of the conversation might be the best option.