How to Export an iMessage Conversation on iPhone

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How to Export an iMessage Conversation on iPhone

You can save the precious iMessage conversations by using these techniques.

The majority of our daily communications are conducted via messaging these days. It’s not surprising, I guess. about this. Writing has always been a common method of communication. It’s simply evolved over the passage of time.

Certain of these messages hold sentimental value, while others include important details. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that we’d want to save a few of these conversations. However, when you’re using iMessage the process of saving chats can be a bit difficult.

There’s no way to export the entire iMessage conversation, or large portions of it to save elsewhere. If you’re switching phones and would like to carry the chats you’ve had with you, an backup to iCloud will be your salvation if you’re moving to an iPhone in its own. However, if you’re moving towards an Android device, or your reason to export conversations is different completely, you’ll need use workarounds. Be aware that these aren’t the most ideal solutions. They’re not is they?

You can rest assured that you will be able to access your messages. In the final analysis, isn’t that the most important thing? Let’s tackle it.

Screenshots of your Chats

Although it may feel unsettling to consider taking screenshots of your chats as a potential solution, it’s actually one of the most efficient ways to do it. However, it’s unlikely to be practical for extremely lengthy chats. However, let’s face it that you don’t really wish to keep an entire conversation, only the most important parts.

There are advantages when employing this method. The first is that taking a snapshot is simple. Additionally, it preserves integrity of whole chat. With the bubbles of messages in place, you won’t need to figure out who’s messages belong to whom in the future when you revisit it later on.

On your iPhone On your iPhone, press the button on your side (lockor awake button) and the volume button at the same time until the image appears as a thumbnail in the lower left corner of the screen. That’s all there is to it. The image will be automatically stored to the gallery. If you’d like to edit the image, tap the thumbnail prior to it disappearing to edit it. If you choose to do this you’ll need manually save the image in the gallery. After editing you can tap ‘Done’ in the upper left corner.

Select “Save to Photos” to save the image. You could also save them as images instead of the photos you downloaded by clicking here.

The screenshots can be saved in Photos or save them to your computer or send the images to you, or save the images in cloud storage.

Forward your messages

If you don’t want take your phone over with photos sending your messages in emails or text messages could be the best option. Also, depending on the amount you would like to export a conversation and the amount of time you’re willing to invest it, the option to save as much chat as you’d like. You can also remove messages that you don’t wish to export. But, beware. All messages will be combined by this method. There is no names or timestamps associated for each message.

Start the conversation using your Messages app. After that, hold and tap any message you wish to export. A few options will appear. Tap on ‘More’.

The message you held is now selected. Select the other messages you wish to include for them to be selected. If you have a large number of messages, it’ll require some effort to choose them all and there’s no shortcut to make it fast. After that, you can tap the “Forward” option on the lower-right side on the display.

The messages will be loaded into the compose box of the new message. There are a variety of options you can choose from this page. You can forward these messages to yourself within iMessage in its own. However, if you’re looking to make backup copies that you can use elsewhere it’s not the best option.

Tap the message and then select “Select All to select all that pop up.

Select Copy from the choices that will appear.

You can also make use of the Copy gesture, which is to place 3 fingers across the display and then pinch them towards the back – duplicate the content.

You can then paste it into a letter note or else.

Save as a PDF

You can save the file to Pages and then export the file to PDF. In Pages, open a document and copy the message. After that, tap the three dots menu located in the top-right of your screen.

Choose Export from the choices.

Select “PDF” from the options for export.

If you’re using iMessage, it can be very challenging to transfer your message. If you have an unshakeable will to do it, there’s always an option to get it completed.