How to Enable Emergency Bypass for a Contact on iPhone

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How to Enable Emergency Bypass for a Contact on iPhone

Be sure that your most loved people are always able to reach out to you, regardless of whether your iPhone is turned off or is in DND.

Do Not Disturb (DND) on our iPhones has been an absolute blessing. iOS 15 further enhanced the DND function by introducing various Focus modes. In the event of simplifying things a more, you are now able to set the DND according to your specific situation. If you’d like to concentrate on work, relax or enjoy your personal time, or ensure that no person is causing you distress while exercising or driving There is an option to focus on everything.

The good old’ DND is still around in times that are beyond classification as described previously mentioned. However, in all of these instances there’s a thought that keeps nagging us. What happens if you put your phone into DND (or another mode of focus) and you’re in an emergency? You’re probably someone’s emergency contact. What happens if they try to reach you, but you’re in the dark about it.

There’s a way to set your mind at peace. iPhone comes with an option to disable emergency bypass for a person. Do not confuse this feature with emergency contacts on the medical ID, however. It’s a distinct thing.

What is Emergency Bypass?

If you turn on emergency bypass for a person and their phone calls – as well as text messages based on the settings you set for the feature – will always go through. It doesn’t matter if the iPhone has been set to Focus (DND or another) and the ringer switch is set to silent. You’ll receive the call or text messages from them in a loud and clear manner.

Of course that it’s true that the “emergency” in the moniker could be confusing. The iPhone isn’t able to tell whether it’s an emergency call or not. It will always let calls go through, whether emergencies or not.

If you were using this feature prior to iOS 15 was released, it would make perfect sense. What is the difference in comparison to Focus’s “Allowed People” feature in Focus? The first thing to note is that the list of allowed people has to be configured for each mode individually while the emergency bypass feature is global.

If there’s one person (or even a number of) you’d like to be able to contact regardless of what you do, adding them to each priority list could be a hassle. However, you can you can enable emergency bypass for them at once and you’ll be good to go.

The second option, emergency bypass, disables the silent ringer switch that allows focus to. Imagine this scenario the situation: your phone is in the focus mode, but it is also is on silent. You receive a phone call or text message from someone who is on your list of allowed contacts to focus in the case in. iPhone will allow the message to pass through. However, it will remain in silent.

However, if you receive a call from an emergency bypass number simultaneously the phone will ring.

It also brings up a fascinating aspect. Your phone could ring when an emergency bypass caller calls. Therefore, make sure you want them to be to be in that category. In the event that you do not want your cell phone to ring during an event or performance such as a recital, then steer away from this option. Even the silent option will be able to save you. It’s better to put them on the “Allowed People” list, instead. However, that’s a complex issue for you to understand.

Enabling Emergency Bypass

The feature has been in use for a while However, not many are aware of its existence. This is because you can’t locate this feature in DND (or the current Focus) setting. The gem is hidden somewhere else.

Open your phone or contacts application to locate the contact for the person you wish to avoid. Click on the contact of the individual. Click Edit on the right-hand side of your screen.

To block only their calls Scroll down, then select “Ringtone”.

After that, turn on the toggle for the ‘Emergency Bypass’ and then tap “Done” in the upper right-hand corner.

Tap “Done” again to save the modifications.

If you want to let them send messages do not tap to do it again. Just below Ringtone is the option to select Text Tone Tap it. You can also set an emergency bypass for texts only.

After that, turn on the toggle for the ‘Emergency Bypass’ and then tap “Done” in the upper-right corner.

Tap “Done” again to save the modifications. The changes you make will not be saved until you save them, and you’ll be missing texts and calls from them.

NOTE: If the contact is an Apple user, turning on an emergency bypass for them allows FaceTime calls to be blocked from them. There is no additional configuration needed. If calls are not bypassed, FaceTime calls will fall into this category.

To turn off emergency bypass, just switch off the toggle in the contact settings.

By enabling an emergency bypass on a contact ensures that you’ll be able to hear their phone call or receive their message, regardless of what. However, it can be difficult to use in certain situations. If you don’t want to hear your phone to be ringing at all it is best disable the feature to turn off the ringer. In these cases you could put your phone into airplane mode to prevent it from ringing, but only if you don’t have to worry about being late for important calls or texts.