How to Enable Cookies on iPhone

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How to Enable Cookies on iPhone

Cookies are great, no matter if they’re eaten or making them available to the web browser!

Cookies have a bad name in the present. Everyone believes that block them as the best way to safeguard your privacy. Although it is true that many businesses use unneeded cookies to monitor you, and later use this information to gain access however, not all cookies are harmful. Certain cookies are essential to ensure the proper functioning of websites.

Cookies, for instance, can keep you logged in to websites, keep track of your preferences, such as whether you wish to accept notifications, and provide you with pertinent local information.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the data files websites create to save data regarding you in your gadget. By storing data that a website has, it can make your experience more enjoyable as the file helps the site know who you are.

When you sign into a specific site and the browser remembers that the account you’ve signed up for this is possible by cookies. Also, if you take certain items in your cart when you shop online and come back to find them there that’s because cookies are working.

There are two kinds of cookie: first-party cookies and third-party ones. First-party cookies are generated by the websites that you visit. Third-party cookies, on contrary, are generated by other websites. When you visit a site it can generate third-party cookies if it has any kind of content, such as images or ads on the website you’re on. These are the first-party cookies that we’re looking at. They could help you save a lot of time, therefore it’s best to allow them.

How to Enable Cookies on Safari on iPhone

If you’ve disabled cookies from your iPhone before, it’s simple to enable them again.

Start the Settings app, and scroll down until you see the option for Safari. Click it to open it.

Turn off the switch for “Block All Cookies”.

There’s also a choice to “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ just above it. If you’d like to keep it on to prevent third-party cookies.

How to Delete Cookies on Safari

Sometimes, you may have to delete cookies from your browser when a website doesn’t behave as it should, or when you’re required to empty your storage space. While keeping them on is best but it’s not a bad idea to remove them often. Clearing cookies will erase the saved data, meaning you’ll be removed from websites where you’re registered.

To delete cookies, open to the Settings app and navigate to Safari. Scroll down, and select the option Advanced.

Tap ‘Website Data’.

The sites with the highest amount of stored data will be listed in ascending order. Cookies can be deleted for specific websites. Swipe left on the website and then tap “Remove”.

To erase all cookies, click “Remove All Website Data” at the end of the page.

The method above deletes only the cookies in your web browser. There’s a faster alternative that allows you to delete cookies and browsing history, should you’d like to erase the history too.

How to Enable Cookies on Chrome on iPhone

If you’re using Chrome as your Chrome browser for browsing the web on your iPhone You don’t need to be concerned about cookies. Cookies are enabled automatically in Chrome and remain on and there’s nothing to worry about. If you want to turn off these cookies you really cannot, as there is no way to do it.

If you don’t wish for the browser’s ability to store cookies you can switch to an Incognito option. The browser does not save any cookies or website data once you’ve gone Incognito.

How to Delete Cookies on Chrome

If you believe that cookies are slowing down your web browser You can remove the cookies. However, clearing cookies will remove you from of all websites and erase any preferences you have saved.

Start your Chrome browser and then tap the icon ‘Profile’ on the upper-right side to open the settings.

You can use the three-dot menu icon in the lower-right corner and select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

Go to “Privacy” from the settings.

Select the option ‘Clear browsing data’.

Make sure you check the box for Cookies and Site Data Uncheck all other options if you want to erase cookies.

After that, tap ‘Clear browsing Data’ near the lower right of the screen.

An alert for confirmation will be displayed. Click “Clear Browsing Data’ to confirm.

Whatever privacy advocates might be telling you, turning off cookies isn’t the most efficient method to use the internet. If you don’t need an uncluttered experience and want to be able to browse without interruption, then opt for it. However, for the majority of us, having cookies on is the best option.