How to Deregister Phone Number from iMessage

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How to Deregister Phone Number from iMessage

This is necessary in the event that you switch between the iPhone onto the Android device.

Utilizing iMessage to connect to other Apple users is an easy choice. It’s easy, reliable and quick. It’s not necessary to be concerned about any SMS costs. Also, you don’t have to be concerned about any limitations on the amount of SMSor MMS the service provider might place on you.

If you do ever transfer to the iPhone and switch to the Android smartphone, then the same amazing iMessage could become an absolute nightmare. This is a brief overview if you’re not sure the subject matter.

If you transfer your iPhone to a different device, such as an Android phone the phone number remains in the database of iMessage and FaceTime, if you utilized the services. You then switched to Android with the services in place. However, the issue lies in the fact that Apple contacts would see your contact as blue when they try to contact you.

If they do send you a message it will be sent as iMessage. However, since you’re not using an Apple device anymore and you’re not on an Apple device, you won’t receive all of the messages. See, nightmare!

If you are able to explicitly switch off iMessage and FaceTime prior to shifting the device, you shouldn’t have this situation. If you’ve already moved but not yet shifted, there’s a straightforward solution. All you have to do is remove your phone number from iMessage servers.

All you require to have is an Internet connection as well as access to the phone number. The removal of your phone number with iMessage can be useful in other scenarios. If you’re in a place with no internet connection and iMessage has stopped you to not receive messages. Someone else could remove your phone number from registration for you then.

To deregister the phone number, simply open the page in a new browser tab.

When you arrive on the Deregister IMessage website First, you must modify your country code by selecting the current country code , which is the United States by default. Choose your country code in the dropdown menu which appears.

Enter the number of your phone you wish to remove from the iMessage servers in the text box provided. Select the “Send code” option.

The sending of this message to your mobile number will not result in any fees.

You’ll receive the confirmation number via the number you provided. Input the six-digit number into the textbox ‘Confirmation Code’ and then click “Submit”.

The process of deregistering is completed quickly in the majority of cases, however, in certain instances it could take up to a couple of hours. In any case you’ll be able receive regular text messages from Apple users in a couple of hours in the event that it is not immediately.

If you have also utilized your Apple ID using iMessage Other Apple users are able to message you via the ID. You can access the messages on any other Apple device using the Apple ID.