How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

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How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

You can easily delete all unneeded albums on your iPhone without having to worry about deleting the images contained within the albums.

It is true that the Photos application on your iPhone is prone to becoming filled with unneeded albums. Perhaps you made an album a while ago but you no longer require it. However, most likely the app has created an album for you. There are a lot of empty albums available within Photos. Photos app.

Fortunately, getting rid of the albums and clearing your iPhone is an issue of a couple of taps. This is how to accomplish it.

Deleting a Photo Album on iPhone

If an album is empty or contains photographs in it, you are able to erase the album. The deletion of an album won’t erase the photos within the album. The images within the Recents album or on the Library tab of the app.

If your objective was to erase the photos and the album, you will not be able to accomplish it. You’ll need to separate remove the images. You can delete them directly from the album prior to deleting the album in itself, or delete them later on from your Recents album.

The next step is to focus on the task to accomplish. To erase an album, you must open your Photos application on your iPhone. After that, click the tab ‘Albums’ at the lower left corner of the screen.

Your albums will be displayed under the section ‘My Albums. Click ‘See All’ at the upper-right corner of this section.

Your albums will be displayed in a grid. Tap the Edit button located in the upper-right corner of this page.

Then, you’ll be in the editing mode. You can arrange and delete all albums with the exception of the Recents or Favorites. To remove an album, click the red minus (+) icon located in the upper left right-hand corner.

An confirmation message will be displayed in the display. Click Delete Album to confirm the deletion of the album.

After you delete the album, you’ll be in album editing mode. If you have other albums you wish to erase Repeat the procedure for the other albums. Click ‘Done at the top-right corner once there aren’t any other albums you want to erase.

The process of deleting an album from the iPhone is as simple as pie. Go ahead and delete the unnecessary albums that are hogging up your Photos application.