How to Delete All Alarms on your iPhone at Once

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How to Delete All Alarms on your iPhone at Once

Are you looking to get rid of the alarms list in one go? Siri is here to help!

The Alarm app that comes with phones has been long since replaced alarm clocks for the majority of us. One of the reasons why we all love our alarm clocks so much is the capability to set several alarms simultaneously apart from the snooze function obviously.

In contrast to a traditional alarm clock of the past of old, you don’t need to decide on what you want to set the alarm for. You can also tweak the same alarm clock each time. Who doesn’t want setting the alarm to wake up each time you have to set your alarm in the middle of the day? I’m sure that none of us do.

Why would we do this be able to set a different alarm for every day? There’s even the option of having multiple alarms that are separated by 5 minutes to ensure that you don’t forget the time to wake up, which is a fact that most of us do.

If you’re like me, the number of alarms available in the Alarm app can get bigger over the course of time. When you open the app on your iPhone and you’ll see that it only allows you to remove one alarm at a. For those with more than 20 alerts in their iPhone this can get irritating very quickly. Is there anything to do?

Ask Siri to Do It for You

Don’t worry. If you’re using the Alarms application won’t allow you to erase all your alarms in one go but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. There’s a simple trick that will erase all alarms in one go.

NOTE: This hack won’t erase your alarm clock for bedtime.

You can leave Siri handle it for you! On your iPhone simply say “Hey, Siri If it’s always listening, or press on the home button in order to get Siri up.

After that, you can then “Delete all my alarms”. Siri will then ask to confirm before you take any decision. Tap “Yes” to grant Siri with your permission.

Siri will then erase all alarms you have set, regardless of whether they were disabled or enabled.

Tips:You can also ask Siri to turn off or enable all alarms on your behalf instead of manually turning them off or on in the event that you need to.

Here you go! By using this trick, you don’t have to worry to open your Alarms app. Siri will handle it all for you. You can also request Siri to set alarms for you.