How to Delete a Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16

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How to Delete a Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16

Have you accumulated too many designs for your lock screen that you don’t need? Simply delete them with pressing an icon and keep the clutter to a minimum.

iOS 16 has a ton of amazing features. However, what’s always in the spotlight is the lock screen customization. The latest OS lets you customize your lock screens however you they best. Not only that you’ll be able to create multiple screens that allow you to switch between them quickly.

But, you may not need a specific lock screen for a long time. Particularly if you’re an avid player around with personalization options and options, you’re likely going end up with several screen locks that you may not require. Therefore, in order to cut down on pile and allow for new locks it is necessary to get rid of the older ones.

Remove the Lock Screen from the Lock Screen Selector

The greatest thing about the lock screen’s customization is that it’s within the lock screen the screen itself. This means that you don’t need to navigate menus to remove the lock screen. All you have be able to unlock the iPhone to gain access to the feature.

NOTE: When you delete the lock screen, any options for customization associated with it will also be deleted. If you want changing the background, while keeping your personal settings, such as the widgets and linked focus you can use the option to customize instead.

To erase a screen lock first, you must unlock your iPhone by using Touch Identity or Face ID. However, don’t switch back to your home screen. If you’re already on the home screen already you don’t need to lock your phone , and start over. Instead, swipe downwards towards the bottom of your screen in order to access to the Notification Center.

Tap and hold any area on the screen of the lock (or the wallpaper inside the Notification Center) to bring the lock screen selection.

From the screen of selection From the selector screen, swipe left or right to move to the screen you want to erase. When you locate your lock screen hold and tap onto the lock screen until you hear a haptic response on the phone.

The “Delete Wallpaper option will be displayed beneath the thumbnail of the lock screen Click on it.

Then, voilà! The lock screen you selected has been removed out of the selection. Remove any other screen one at a time by tapping on them.

There’s plenty you can accomplish using the lock screen of iOS 16. However, with more options for personalization is an increase in clutter. However, you can delete any screen you design to ensure your collection is free of clutter and unneeded designs for your lock screens.