How to Crop a Video on iPhone

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How to Crop a Video on iPhone

Remove unwanted components from the video frame or adjust it to an aspect ratio you prefer with the crop tool available in iPhone Photos app

We all get to moonlight in the role of videographers nowadays, thanks to our smartphones. Many of us aren’t moonlighting anymore; it’s an everyday job. However, whether you’re a content creator or simply taking videos to preserve memories, it’s not a secret that some videos require editing.

It happens every day There’s something within the background video frame that is ruining the whole video and must be removed. However, the idea to edit a movie may be intimidating. “Don’t you need some mad skills for that?” We have some good news for you. All you require is an iPhone to master video editing like a professional.

iPhone allows you to crop your video inside the default Photos application. Let’s look at how to accomplish this.

Cropping a Video

We’re talking of cropping the videos in the same way you would crop a picture, i.e., changing the aspect ratio. It is possible to crop a video in order to eliminate any undesirable elements from the frame, or alter the aspect ratio so that it makes it compatible to share on a particular platform.

For cropping a movie, launch your Photos application in your iPhone and then open the video you wish to crop. After that, select the Edit option’ in the upper-right edge of your screen.

Editing tools be available. From the toolbar on the left click the “Crop” button.

The cropping tool opens in Freeform crop mode by default.

This means that you can crop it to any aspect ratio you want. Simply move the corners of the border of the cropper inwards to cut the video. The video portion within the rectangle will appear in the final video , and the portion left out will be cut. You may also drag the corners towards their outsides at any time in case you feel you have cut the video too much than you wanted to.

To begin again at any time you can tap Reset at the top, then crop once more.

If you wish to utilize any of the pre-set aspect ratios, such as Square 9:16, 9:16, etc. Tap the button ‘Aspect Ratio’ located in the upper-right corner the screen.

Swipe to the left of the option bar to view the various available aspect ratios. Select one of the available pre-set crop choices by pressing it.

To alter the portion of the video within the frame, you can move it up and down. Press”Aspect Ratio” icon and then end the toolbar.

There are additional tools to you on the screen for cropping. In the upper-left corner of the screen, there are two options available. The first one is flip tool, and the other is the rotate. Like the name implies, you can utilize this tool for flipping the image, i.e., reverse it. You can also use then the rotate tool to alter its orientation.

If your video requires some straightening There are three tools that are available under the cropping section that include ‘Straighten Vertical’ and ‘Horizontal which you can utilize to straighten your video.

After you’ve completed all adjustments, click “Done” in the bottom-right edge of your screen in order to save your modifications.

If you wish to have the original video back anytime, simply click ‘Edit’ to access edit tools. After that, tap Revert in the lower-right edge of your screen.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed in your computer screen. Tap “Revert to Original” to erase the modifications. After you’ve done that you can’t restore your changes. You’ll need to start all over again.

Here you go! Making a video cropped on iPhone is an easy task. There aren’t additional applications to accomplish the task.