How to Create and Set an Emoji Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

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How to Create and Set an Emoji Wallpaper on iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

Are you a fan of unicorns or any other emoji? With iOS 16 you can quickly transform a variety of your most loved emojis into wallpapers.

Emojis are fun to use, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, we are using emoticons in our texts more often than we write. Many of us have a few favorite ones. With iOS 16, you can make wallpapers for your lock screen using the combination of your most-loved emoticons. What a great idea!

As crazy as it might sound, don’t dismiss this idea without giving it a try. If you combine the right elements you can create wallpapers that look cool! If you’re looking to test to fill the lockscreen with a riot of crazy and hilarious emoticons This guide is what you require.

Create a Custom Emoji Wallpaper

The great thing about iOS 16 is that you can design and configure any customized lock screen directly on the screen on your device. And the Emoji lock screen isn’t an exception. The entire process is quite efficient.

Then, you must first, you must unlock your iPhone by using the method you prefer for authentication (Face Identification or Touch ID) However, do not go towards the Home screen just yet. Hold and tap the screen of the lock to open the lock screen selection.

If you’re in the home screen you don’t need for you to secure your smartphone once more. You can go towards the Notification Centre and press and hold the wallpaper of the lock screen that is visible to open the lock screen selection.

After that, press the “+” button located in the bottom right corner to continue. The overlay will be displayed. window onto your screen.

Then, click on the thumbnail titled ‘Emoji’ to continue. You can also choose one from the many available Emoji wallpapers available from Apple itself. If you decide to go with this option, you are able to alter everything else – the appearance and background color , with the exception for the selection of emojis.

Then, choose the emojis by pressing them, and they will appear in the background. You can choose up to six emoticons you like however, you may also select just one. After selecting, press the ‘X’ button in order to move on.

Then move your finger from left to right to alter the order of emojis displayed on the wallpaper. You can choose an array of tiny icons or a grid of medium-sized icons, or larger icons in regards to dimensions. You can also select a ring or spiral-shaped emoticon.

If you want to alter the background of your wallpaper, tap on the “ellipsis” (three vertical dots) and then click on the option ‘Background’ to continue.

Tap on the thumbnail of the color you want to use for your background. You can also alter the intensity of the color by using the slider at the bottom of the screen after choosing the color you want to use.

If you want to select more colors click on the thumbnail for color selection located in the upper right corner of your overlay window.

After you’ve configured everything according to your preferences, click the ‘Done’ button to confirm.

You’ve succeeded in creating the Emoji wallpaper for the screen of your iOS device.

Alternately, you can also design your own Emoji wallpaper using within the Settings application, if creating one directly from your lock screen seems too unusual for you, and you’re taking some time to get used to it. Start your Settings application to your iPhone.

Find and tap the ‘Wallpaper’ tile in the list.

Then, click on the “Add new wallpaper” button to proceed. The overlay will appear on your screen. window onto your screen.

The identical screen that says ‘Add New Wallpaper’ screen as previously mentioned. Since the procedure is identical you can follow the steps outlined in the previous section to set up and create an emoji-specific wallpaper for your device.

This is all there is to it. With the steps above you can make fun emoji wallpapers for your iPhone. Have fun!