How to Create a Memory on iPhone

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How to Create a Memory on iPhone

Making memories and reminiscing about good times is easy using the iPhone.

For the majority of us the time, the iPhones represent the sole camera we have and need. Our phones are flooded with images at any moment. Not only photos, but memories. There aren’t any memories anymore in our lives We also record them.

With the Memories feature of Photos and Photos for iPhone, our iPhones can turn those photos into an appropriate montage suitable for. Learn how to make memories on the iPhone.

What is Memories on the iPhone?

iPhone organizes your memories on your iPhones, after recognizing important individuals, places, or things within your library. Then, it displays them in an arranged montage, after applying photo designs and songs that match the memories. You can share and view the memories with loved ones and friends. You can also access the slideshow of memories within your Photos widget on the Home screen.

iPhone selects images, music and styles to create memories by itself, however, you are able to alter everything. You can also make your own memories by starting from scratch. If you make memories, the only job you’ll have to do is choosing the images or videos you wish to include in the memory (if you are creating it using an existing album). There is no need to complete the rest of the hard work. The Photos application will create the collage on its own.

Editing Pre-Made Memories on iPhone

Start your Photos application in your iPhone. Click on the “For You tab at the lower left corner on the page.

On the top, you’ll find the Memories that are curated by your iPhone to make it easier for you. Click ‘See All’ to view all the memories that have been that are curated through your iPhone.

Tap the Memory button for it to start playing.

To open the options, press the memory once more. There are a few options in the display.

The images or videos stored in the memory in the lower right. Click Browse on the right side to view all photos or videos stored in the memory.

If you click Browse to browse through the photos, the memory will continue to play even if you’ve not stopped it, and you will be able to browse through the entire collection of photos.

You can hold and press the photo to open options for removing the image from memory, or removing it completely out of the collection, and making it the primary photo in addition to other. If you simply tap a picture, you’ll be back to the photo that is playing in the slideshow of memories.

Change the Memory Mix

To alter your memory mix i.e. or the music or the photo to change the look or song, click the ‘Memory Mix icon at the bottom left.

In addition to the present photo and song (i.e. filter), iPhone will also show a variety of other combinations of music and styles. You can swipe through them to see a preview of the options. The name of the song as well as the filter on the bottom. To choose a filter, just press the memory frame, and you’ll be back on the slideshow screen, with options available.

In addition to the pre-curated selections which iPhone provides, iPhone users can also alter the appearance of their memory (filter) and using iOS 15 can also change the music. When you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can select any song from your library, suggest songs according to your personal preferences, songs that were played that the storage was created or browse the entire Apple Music catalog available in your area.

To alter the look of your memory to change the look of your memory, click the Filters button in the lower right corner.

Choose the filter you want to use and then tap “Done”.

To alter the music in your memory to change the music, press the ‘Music’ button.

Choose a song from the options on the screen or look up songs. Select the song by tapping it and it will begin playing. If you do not want to select it, select ‘Cancel’, then choose another track. Otherwise, tap ‘Done’.

Manually Creating a Memory on Your iPhone

Knowing that you can modify pre-made memories can be a bit tricky by itself, understanding how to make the memories from scratch is more difficult. Many users are unaware they have this alternative. Once you get to understand the procedure the whole process is quite simple.

You may choose to create a memory using different locations. You can create a memory using:

  • An album
  • A month or day from The library tab. This option isn’t available for photos of the years.
  • People’s album

Making a Memorable from an Album, or a Dayor Month

The method of making a memory out of an album, or even a day or month follows similar. If you don’t want to place the photos to a specific album or the day/month section, you could create a new album using the images that are in the question.

Visit the album or the day/month from the library , and then tap the icon ‘More’ (three-dot menu) on the upper-right corner.

From the menu, select the option to play a memory movie’.

The iPhone can create slideshows of memories for photographs in the album, or for the day/month by creating a playlist and a photographic style by itself. Like pre-made memories you can alter the mix of memories. There are a couple of carefully curated mixes of music and filters that you can select. You can also select all from the music library and then filter it by yourself.

If you wish to save your memory you can press the screen in order to display options. After that, tap the ‘More’ button (three-dot menu) located in the upper-right corner on the display. Select ‘Add Favorites’ in the menu. The memory will be displayed within the Memories section of the “For You’ tab.

Click the “Close” (X) button in order to end the memory.

Creating a Memory for a Person

To create a lasting memory of someone, click on the tab ‘Albums.

Go to the album ‘People’.

Click the thumbnail of the individual. The photos will be displayed. Click the ‘More’ icon (three-dot menu) in the upper-right corner.

Finally, tap ‘Create Photo Memory’.

The slideshow of memories will be displayed under the section Memories under the “For You’ tab. Visit the section to view it. Edit it as any other file stored on the iPhone.

Editing a Memory

If it’s a memory that was pre-made or one you made it is possible to edit specific elements of your memory. You can alter its name and length, as well as include and delete photographs. Naturally, the options differ based on the type of memory.

Changing the Title

iPhone assigns your memory’s name randomly often in accordance with the place the day, album, the name of the person, or any other situation it is able to detect, such as “Celebration.” But you can alter the name of your memory. To change your memory’s name, simply open the memory and then tap it to open options. Click the ‘More’ icon (three-dot menu) in the upper-right corner.

Choose ‘Edit Title From the menu.

Change the name , then click “Save”.

Adding or Removing Photos

To edit or delete photos, click “More” and then select the option ‘Manage Photos in the menu.

Select or de-select the pictures you wish to delete or add. Tap ‘Done’.

NOTE: When you’ve made memories from an album and you’re not able to add additional photos after you’ve created the memory. If you create the memory of a person or a month/day and you want to add additional photos using pictures that are available for the particular person or for that particular day/month. This is the same for photos that your iPhone creates on its own. The only images available are those of the place or occasion which the Photos application associates to the memory, and some images don’t appear in the list.

To make a different photo the primary picture instead of your current one stop the memory on the photo. Select ‘More’, then the option ‘Make Key Photo’ in the drop-down menu.

Change the Length

If you have already created memories You can modify the length of them. This option isn’t available to the memories you create since the length of them is “Custom”. However, for the memories your iPhone created, click “More”.

You’ll be able to see three choices that are ‘Short’, ‘Medium’ and Long. Select the one you’d like to. If you have some photos you may only see the options ‘Short’ or ‘Medium’ in accordance with the amount of images you have for them.

Memories stored on iPhone can be a wonderful opportunity to recall memorable moments that you’ve had in the past. It is also easy to share them with your friends and your family. The lack of effort involved in making them is a huge success.