How to Copy Text from Instagram on iPhone

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How to Copy Text from Instagram on iPhone

Three easy ways to duplicate the catchy Instagram caption!

Instagram is a popular platform to share photos videos, photos, and reels however, sometimes it’s the content that grabs your attention. Perhaps someone has posted an URL in their Instagram post or in a comment, and you’d like to click on it. Unfortunately, the links posted within Instagram captions or in comments aren’t clickable.

What’s an alternative? If you don’t want write the entire post yourself, and let’s face it that nobody does so the only alternative is to copy and paste the text in order to find the hyperlink. Perhaps you’ve found an interesting caption that you would like to use for your post. The problem is that Instagram’s Instagram application on phones doesn’t allow you to copy the text. What’s the solution? Like always, we’ll employ workarounds to copy and paste text from Instagram to the iPhone.

Use the Live Text Feature on iPhone

Apple introduced the live-text feature in iOS 15. In iPhone XS, XR, and later, this feature is able to recognize text on photos that you take with your iPhone or on the internet, which allows you to copy and transfer the text on your photos. We’ll use this feature for copying text directly from Instagram and make the entire process completely effortless.

Then, you need to open the Instagram app and then go to the post with the captionor comment you wish to copy. Take a picture of the caption. To capture a screenshot you need to click the Lock and Volume Up buttons together until you can see the thumbnail of the image at the bottom left of your screen.

When the thumbnail disappears the image will show in the Photos app.

Open your Photos application and then open up the photo you took. After that, hold and tap the words you wish to copy until the grabbe points are visible. Then, move the grab points to include the entire text you wish to include, or tap ‘Select All’ to include all the text included in the screen.

After that, press the ‘Copy’ icon in the floating menu to save the message. Then, paste it wherever you’d would like.

It’s as easy as that.

Use Instagram in a Browser app

Unfortunately it’s true that Live Text isn’t available on all iPhone models. Live Text feature isn’t available on all iPhone models. What happens if your iPhone does not have the Live Text feature, however you want to copy an image taken from the Instagram caption? It’s easy to do this. It requires using Instagram within a browser.

Visit the page with the caption with the text and then tap the ‘three dots menu’ icon.

Tap the button for “Link” from the menu. Copy the link.

Copy the URL into your browser to view the post. If you’ve never registered for your account in the browser, you’ll have to sign in to view the caption in its entirety.

You can also go directly to and then navigate to the post you want to view manually.

Tap and hold the text in the caption until the grab points appear. After that, you can move them to include the entire text you wish to copy and then tap the Copy button.

Unfortunately, you are not able to duplicate the text of the comments in this manner except for few comments that are displayed directly on the feed.

This means that if you click the “View all comments” button and attempt at copying a post, or even the caption on that page, you will not be able to.

Use Google Photos as an Alternative

If you’re desperate to copy a text message from a comment made on an Instagram post You can do this using the Google Photos application. It is possible to use the Google Lens feature of the Google Photos application to recognize and copy text from a photo regardless of whether your device has support for Live Text or not.

If you don’t already have it installed, download the Google Photos application on the App Store.

Copy the screenshot of the comment area or the caption in Instagram. Instagram app.

Go to then the Google Photos app and open the image. Click the Google Lens button on the toolbar on the right.

Change to the Text option.

When the text is identified Tap and hold the words until the grab points appear. After that, drag the grab points until you can select the text you want to copy and then tap the ‘Copy Text’ option on the right.

If you come encounter a post you would like to duplicate for yourself, or an Instagram link Instagram comments, there are more options than just going back and forth to copy it manually.