How to Convert a Physical SIM to an eSIM on iPhone

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How to Convert a Physical SIM to an eSIM on iPhone

You can easily change the physically SIM to an eSIM , without having to call your carrier.

iPhone 14 and variants will become available within a couple of days. If you are within the United States and are planning to purchase one of the variations, i.e., 14 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max Pro Max, you must be aware that eSIM is the next thing.

The majority of iPhone 14 models shipped in the US do not come with an option to insert the physical SIM card. While the majority of the world has room to use a nano SIM card, those in the US must say goodbye to the tiny buggers goodbye. While the process of setting up an eSIM for iPhone 14 is easy, should you wish, you can switch your existing SIM to an eSIM as waiting for your new iPhone to be prepared.

While iPhone 14 is what’s on the minds of a lot of people at the moment You can also follow these steps to convert your physically SIM to an eSIM use on your current phone itself.

Convert a physical SIM into an electronic SIM by accessing Settings

If your carrier allows it, changing your existing SIM into an eSIM is just a procedure of opening the Settings app and altering a few settings.

Start the Settings app, and then tap the option to select “Cellular” or “Mobile Data’. Based on the region you’re in, the options you’ll see will differ.

If your carrier allows it, you’ll find the option “Convert to eSIM’ in the information about your carrier. If you don’t see this option, then your carrier doesn’t allow direct conversion directly from settings.

After that, tap the ‘Convert Cellular Plan’ button on then on the Convert to eSIM screen. It appears.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed. Tap “Convert to eSIM” to confirm.

The screen will display “Activating” and it could take a while for the activation of the eSIM to be completed.

After activation has been completed then take your physical SIM from your phone by with the SIM card ejection tool. Then start your iPhone.

To turn off the iPhone to turn it back on, hold the volume and lock up buttons together until you can see the Slide to Power Off’ option. After that, you can swipe your fingers across the slider to shut off your iPhone. To turn it back on, hold and press on the button to lock until Apple logo is displayed on screen.

Call to confirm whether eSIM is functioning.

If you aren’t able to find the option to convert to eSIM within the settings, you’ll have to get in touch with your carrier. It’s possible to do this via either a phone call or SMS for more information, which you’ll need to locate on the website of your carrier. Then, they’ll start the process of conversion.

They may or not allow eSIM Carrier Activation. If this is the case you’ll be notified that the service is now ready for installation. They’ll also share the QR code to your email address that you have registered. They may also provide an eSIM converter from their app on the App Store. You’ll need to determine the procedure for your particular carrier and follow it accordingly. The details for each one of these procedures in our article.