How to Check FaceTime Call Duration

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How to Check FaceTime Call Duration

There’s only one method to determine the duration when it comes to FaceTime video calls. You may not be happy with it.

Apple’s innovative VoIP service FaceTime requires no introduction. Apple customers love it due to the ease at that they can make audio and video calls in conjunction with fellow Apple users regardless of the device they’re using. Additionally, regardless of what region they reside in, they are able to connect with users without worrying about the cost of a carrier.

While using FaceTime is a breeze however, there’s one thing that is a bit difficult to determine the duration of FaceTime calls. If you too are thinking about it there’s no need to be alone.

FaceTime voice calls don’t pose any problems in any way. Similar to normal voice calls, you can view the duration of the call on the screen during the calls.

However, FaceTime video chats are a completely different issue. To ensure your interface remains clear and doesn’t interfere with the view of the video of the other party There isn’t any call duration displayed on the screen. While that’s a great feature for videos, it can become a bit annoying when you’re trying to find out the length of time you’ve spent calling.

Is there an option to determine the duration of calls for FaceTime video calls when in call? If you’re running iOS 13 or above, there’s no way to do that. In the past when you accessed the home screen while on a phone call including FaceTime, you’d see an enormous green bar on the screen, which users could click to go back to the conversation.

For FaceTime video calls the old way of thinking was that you could view the duration of the call on the green bar when you went to your homescreen. However, the new streamlined UI of the Status bar indicates that there’s no huge green bar. It’s either the tiny oval on the left side or a slim bar that was present in earlier versions. While the slim status bar can give more screen real estate however, that it doesn’t show the duration that the phone is on.

For video calls, one way to determine how long the conversation will last is when the call is over. After ending the call, open the phone system application.

After that, tap the “i” (info) icon to the top right of the FaceTime call.

Call details will be available. You’ll also be able to see the duration of calls for audio and video FaceTime calls.

Sometimes, certain functions are removed to make way for UI and design decisions. The duration of FaceTime video calls is a prime illustration of this. If you believed you could reduce the amount of duration of the call by observing the duration of your call, you’ll need to come up with other options.