How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone 14

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How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone 14

You can quickly change or modify the wallpaper of the iPhone 14 right from the screen of your lock.

Wallpapers can be a great method to personalize your iPhone. If you prefer aesthetic images or wallpapers They give you a opportunity to customize your iPhone. With iPhone 14, there’s a variety of options for customization. In addition, you can alter your wallpaper on the move right from the lock screen. What a great feature! Let’s get right into it.

Switch your wallpaper from the Lock Screen

On iPhone 14 you can change the wallpaper directly from the lock screen , without having to navigate through menus of the Settings app. It makes it much simpler and easy.

To switch wallpapers this way simply tap and hold the screen of the lock to display the screen for selecting wallpaper. Be sure to unlock the phone with Face ID, though before you do this.

After that, click on the ‘Add a new wallpaper’ button to continue. The overlay will appear on your screen. window onto your screen.

If you want to alter the customization of the wallpaper select the Customize option.

If you select the option to customize click on the icon for ‘picture’ in the left-hand corner of the bottom to continue. The gallery will appear as an overlay to your screen.

Select the image you want to use as wallpaper by tapping on it.

Then you can swipe left and right across the screen if you want you to put a color filter to the wallpaper. As of the writing of the article you can choose from the options ‘ Natural‘and ‘ Black & White’, ‘ Duotone‘, as well as ‘ Colorwash‘.

You can also switch off your Depth Effect by pressing the ellipsis icon, then pressing the ‘Depth Effect’ icon.

If you select the option to add a new Wallpaper’ option There are several categories from which you can select the wallpaper. You can choose to use”Featured” section, the Weather & Astronomy’, the Emoji option, or the section ‘Color. If you want to create a wallpaper using the Photos gallery, click on the option ‘Photos Wallpaper.

Be aware that the wallpapers shown in the categories below can be modified only. If you select one of the categories by clicking on the top icons, you can select all components of your wallpaper from scratch according to your preferences.

To make a brand new wallpaper, simply tap one of these categories. For a showcase, we’ll use the Emoji category.

Then, you can enter the emojis that you want to make wallpapers with. You can choose up to six Emojis.

Then, you can alter the order of emojis by sliding left to right in your display. They can be displayed in’small grid medium grid’, ‘large grid rings or spiral patterns.

Then, tap the ellipsis icon, then choose the Background option to alter the background by using the color picker.

After all your preferences are established, click the ‘Done/Add’ button make it your new wallpaper.

Then, you can tap the “Set as Wallpaper Pair” option to set your own wallpaper as your home screen and screen for locking. If not, you can tap the “Customize Home Screen” option to choose a home screen wallpaper that you like.

Customizing Home Screen Wallpaper

If you have tapped on the ‘Customize Home Screen option, you will be able to modify the wallpaper for your home screen. By default, the default wallpaper ‘Original’ will be selected, which is the same wallpaper that is used for that of the screen for locking. You can choose either an unicolor or gradient by pressing the choices.

Tap them again to open an option to select colors.

Select ‘Photos’ to choose the photo in your collection. You can also select the option for blurring the background after you have added it to your gallery.

After that you can tap ‘Done’ in the top-left corner.

Change your wallpaper from the Settings App

This feature has been available on the iPhone for years and was the only method to use the iPhone prior to iOS 16. If you prefer things in the old fashion way, this approach may be more suitable for you. In addition, the procedure to set up your wallpaper is like what you’d have to go through in setting it up from your lock screen.

Then, go to the app ‘Settings’ on your home page or in the app library.

Then, click on the tab ‘Wallpaper’ from the menu to continue.

Then, click on the “Add new wallpaper” button. If not, tap the ‘Customize’ option in the layout of the home screen in case you want to modify the wallpaper currently in use or switch it with an image from your gallery . This will appear on the home screen. To change the look of your lockscreen, click on the screen that is under the layout ‘Lockscreen.

Follow the identical steps as in the previous section, as they are the same.

This is all there is to it, folks. The wallpaper change for the iPhone 14 is easier than ever before, as you don’t have to open the Settings app. There are even several lock screens to go and switch them quickly.