How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

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How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

You can alter the snooze duration on your iPhone by using an easy fix or installing a third-party application

Over the course of time the phones have become the traditional alarm clock. Naturally, with the many options for customization it was the natural evolution of things. However, even with all the customizable options, you can not alter the snooze duration directly within your iPhone. The snooze duration for the alarm timer on iPhone is set at 9 minutes.

There are theories to explain this. There are those who believe that Apple is paying homage to the old mechanical clock by using this method when setting a snooze duration that was longer than 9 minutes was physically impossible. Another popular theory is that the body goes to sleep for 10 minutes. Therefore, to ensure user comfort, Apple does not allow altering the snooze duration.

Whatever the reason whatever the reason, it doesn’t alter what it is that makes the entire process is frustrating. There are, however, some solutions you can employ to get your own time to snooze.

Set Multiple Alarms to Create a Snooze Time

If you disable the snooze alarm, and then set the next alarm to occur after the desired number of minutes, which can be more or less than 9 minutes you’ll be able to design your own alarm that snoozes.

Then, go to the app called “Clock or from your Home Screen or the app library on your device.

After that, press the “+” button in the upper right side to set the first alarm. In the event that you have already set an alarm which you want to set to snooze then tap an alarm icon to go on. This will open an overlay window onto your screen.

Then, press the toggle switch next to the ‘Snooze’ button to switch it to the off position, if it was not turned off previously. After that, tap the button that says ‘Save.

When you’re back on the main screen for alarms then press the+’ to set up an alarm.

Set the alarm to go ahead by the amount of time you want to set as your snooze period, i.e., if you want to keep fifteen minutes of sleep time , and your first alarm starts at 6:15 AM, set the second alarm for 6:15 am. After setting the alarms, they will look similar to the image below.

When the first alarm sounds the only thing you have to do is press the button that says ‘Stop’ and wait for the next alarm to sound as it is the timer for snooze. It is also possible to use the volume or side buttons to turn off the alarm in this instance. Since we’ve switched off Snooze for the alarm prior to the alarm was set, it doesn’t have an ‘Snooze’ button. If you did not turn off Snooze for your alarm, press ‘Stop’ instead Snooze. Pressing one of the buttons in this instance will set off the alarm, instead of stopping it.

It is also possible to set multiple alarms that have several snoozes in the alarm that is set as the base. Although this may seem like an inefficient approach, it could be ideal in the event that you don’t want to install a third-party application running on your iPhone in order to create an alarm.

Use a Third-Party App to Set a Custom Snooze Time

If the idea of setting multiple alarms isn’t something you’re at ease with, you could install a third-party application on your iPhone which allows you to create a custom snooze timer.

The app ‘Alarmy’ is one of these clock apps so to make it easier for you to use the app with convenience, we’ve provided these steps.

The first step is to go first to the App Store either via your Home Screen or the app library on your device.

Then, click on the tab ‘Search’ from the lower right corner on the display.

Then, tap onto the bar for search, and enter “Alarmy”. Then, press the button ‘Search’ on the keyboard on screen to search.

Find the application in the results of a search and then tap on the button ‘Get’ for it to be downloaded. It is possible that you will require authentication to do this.

Then, open the app on your Home Screen.

At the beginning of the start-up, it may request your permission to enable notifications. In the alert, click on the “Allow” option to continue.

From the main screen of the app click on the+ button to set an alarm. After that, tap the option ‘Alarm’ again.

Then, use your timer for setting the alarm, and make sure that all parameters are you prefer. After that, click on the “Snooze” option to continue. The overlay will appear on your screen. window onto your screen.

Then, tap on the time you want to set as your time to snooze. After that, tap the button ‘Done’ to confirm.

Then, press the button ‘Done’ to affirm the timer. That’s it! You have successfully set up an alarm that has a personalized timer.

Here’s the deal You’re welcome, people. Although iPhone does not allow setting up a an alarm with a custom snooze setting however, you can make use of the solutions provided in this article to meet your requirements.